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Kobees Lip Balm: That makes more than Your Lips feel Good

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When we first heard about Kobees Lip Balm, we were hooked—the tube toured around the office, researching eco-friendly packaging, connecting with our favorite bees, and how it feels on the lips. As we dug deeper and learned the unique story of our founder, we wanted to partner with Kobe. After learning more about the brand, you’ll know it too!

Tell me About Kobees

Kobee’s is an environmentally conscious brand that tries to give back what we take. If you’ve ever heard the saying, “You don’t inherit the land from your ancestors, but from your future children,” it’s true. We must begin to take responsibility for Things to take time, and you can’t change them overnight, but starting with change can have a domino effect. Kobee products are an easy way to create a positive start to a more friendly environment. Kobees lip balm comes in a compostable, biodegradable, and compostable cardboard tube. So there are also lip balms in recyclable and reusable aluminum boxes.

Beyond lip balms, everyone who uses or wears the Kobee brand is doing something good for the environment by simply buying a bottle of lip balm, sweatshirt, water, or straw. I want you to see that I remain, and the range of products makes the difference. We are looking for organizations that are doing good things for the environment. A portion of all Kobees sales goes to non-profit organizations working to clean up our oceans and lakes, replant and curb deforestation, and provide clean air for the future. A slight change is enough.

What Inspired you to Launch Kobees Lip Balm?

What Inspired you to Launch Kobees Lip Balm_

Initially, it was a little unsuccessful, but some friends on my floor suggested making lip balm. It was nearing the end of the semester, and I said that sometimes I could do something with it. So, inspired by that summer, I went home and started drawing the logo and thinking of the ingredients I would need to make the lip balm. After discussing it with my mother, I purchased about dollars 200 worth of materials. Next, I bought a book on cosmetic formulas, researched the typical lip balms used, and got to work.

When I returned to college in the fall, I wanted to study bees and the environment, so I contacted a friend of mine, an environmental science professor, and met with her. I brought lip balm. But she was a firm believer in non-plastic. We left no trash behind and, where possible, used no plastic in our school or home. At the time, I packed my lip balms in actual plastic packaging, and she had both recyclable aluminum in plastic cans and plastic tubes, so she suggested I find a plastic-free option. I did. That’s when I researched and found the cardboard tube I’m using today! My bestseller!

What Makes Kobees Lip Balm Different From Other Lip Balms on the Market?

Kobee’s is different in how it approaches thoughts and actions toward the environment and how people interact with it. Most companies that create lip balms still use traditional plastic packaging and claim to be eco-friendly, and we use cardboard tubes to show people that there are alternatives to most uses of plastic. We know that not everyone can lead a zero-waste lifestyle, so we try to offer them simple options to start living more sustainably.


Kobees lip balm, called pomades or butter, aims to protect the lips. They contain a conditioning ingredient (petroleum jelly, shea butter, or lanolin) that prevents water loss. Wax remains added to help the lip balm adhere to the lips. who are searching for lip balm and their benefit, our article is helpful for them.

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