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Makeup Rules for Effective and Healthy Makeup

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Makeup Rules are always actual when it comes to the order of makeup application. A rule of thumb is to start with the face first. A flawless look means you’ll probably need less eye makeup or lipstick in makeup rules, and we all see that less is more when it arises to makeup. So after the face, we move on to the eyes and lips.

Some Makeup Rules For Beginners

Systematically cleanse the skin

You can’t get a perfect makeup finish if you haven’t cleaned your face well. The dust accumulating throughout the day prevents the skin from breathing and the makeup from setting. Instead, use an exfoliating cleanser to purify and soften skin no more than once a week. In makeup rules, it is essential to clear your face before makeup.

Apply a Skin Care Product before Makeup

Successful makeup application starts with adequately prepping the skin, which means moisturizing it. Also, In this way, the makeup base is more uniform and luminous. Next, choose a treatment adapted to your skin’s needs: dry and combination, oily, anti-aging, etc.

I corrected the imperfections

Color correctors allow you to hide skin flaws. They mixed two by two because the colors neutralized each other. For example, green neutralizes rosacea redness, recent scars, visible blood vessels, and post-laser redness. The yellow neutralizes the blue of dark circles, varicose veins, and also postoperative bruises.

Put on Makeup

Finish by applying a powder to set concealer and foundation, and mattify shine-prone areas like the forehead, pear, and sides of the nose. To increase the hold of your makeup, apply a mist of thermal water 30 cm from your face.

The final touch of Color

This step will also give you a healthy appearance. Next, apply the blush on the cheekbones to obtain a luminous finish and define the contour of your face. This touch of Color is essential for an excellent finish to your makeup.

What kinds of we need to take care about makeup rules and makeup items

take care about makeup rules and makeup items

Highlight the Eyes

To enlarge the look, apply light colors to the lower inner part of the eyelid when they catch the light. Then, also use the darker shadows for the corners of the eyes to make them look sophisticated and captivating. Finally, a touch of mascara will complete the makeup.

Beautify Your Smile

Start by drawing the lips with lipstick to define their contour because this liner prevents the lipstick from running and helps it set better. Next, I chose a shade similar to the Color of lipstick. Next, apply lipstick from the center of the lips to the tips. Finally, I added a lip gloss to increase the shine.

Clean Your Brushes

For all those who apply makeup with a brush, remember to clean them at least once a month with a suitable cleanser. This will minimize the risk of allergies while extending its useful life.

Take off Your Makeup Every Night

For the skin to breathe, it is vital that you thoroughly cleanse your face every night and every morning. It removes makeup and impurities. For sensitive skin, cleansing milk or a micellar solution is preferable.

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Makeup Rules: Makeup makes you more self-confident. The most imperative reason to wear makeup is that it gives you more confidence. In addition, you will find that makeup help you feel more self-confident, which means girls with cosmetics will be more self-confident and ready to take on the day. This article is helpful for those searching for what kind of taking care of things when you are makeup.

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