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Wall Clock – Description, Use, Trending Styles, and More

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A wall clock is an exciting alternative. It combines the utility of knowing the time and serves as a decorative element on any wall. Even for some people, it is essential in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the hall, in the dining room, or the living room.

Where Wall Clock is Use?

Searching for and finding the clock you like can be a complicated task since, in the marketplace, you can find a complete change of watches that are sure to adapt to your tastes and needs, but above all to the style of your home.

But where can I put a clock? In what room? On what wall? Don’t worry, because at  The Secret Home we tell you where you could put a wall clock and what style you could follow.

  • Kitchen: if there is an important place to place a wall clock, it is the kitchen. Classic clocks or those that follow the kitchen’s theme usually look good in this room. One piece of advice: opt for a watch in a color that stands out. It will be the decorative element that will give a special touch to your kitchen.
  • Living Room: another prevalent space where to place a wall clock. Find the watch that best suits the style of your living room. If your style is more classic, pendulum clocks will be perfect. However, any minimalist clock will work if your living room is more modern. If you have a vast living room, dare with extra large wall clocks.Wall Clock
  • Bedroom: Not everyone has a wall clock in their bedroom. You will always see what time it is by dwelling it on the wall opposite the bed. But if you are a watch lover, you will surely give your bedroom the style you are looking for with a different watch.
  • Bathroom: the same thing happens in the bedroom. Not everyone likes to have a clock in the bathroom. If you are urgent and want to know the time at all times, placing a watch in the bathroom can be a good option. Of course, if you are thinking of putting one, avoid pendulums and sophisticated clocks.

Trending Styles of Wall Clock

They originate in different sizes, styles, and shapes. Here we highlight some trending styles:

  • Vintage: They are essential to make any home more welcoming. They are usually analog, so they provide a more elegant aesthetic.
  • Minimalist: They are an elegant option and adapt to any style. There is a wide variety of minimalist wall clocks that quickly adapt to each home’s different types of fashion.
  • Retro: the most retro of all that comes to mind is undoubtedly the pendulum wall clock that takes us back to previous centuries. They are perfect if you are a lover of antiques.
  • Natural Materials: Most wall clocks made from natural materials make from wood. Some are true works of art. The wood decoration is timeless and always brings warmth to our home.

What should you know before Hanging a Wall Clock without Drilling Holes?

Traditionally, we are used to hanging clocks with nails and screws that can damage the walls. Although double-sided tapes help reduce damage considerably, some can cause damage when removed.

With our help, you will be able to hang a clock without the need to drill or damage the wall of your room. For this, you will only need to have KlaPit tape. It will not mar the surface or be difficult to remove later.

Before you purchase it, make sure you know the weight of the watch. If it weighs less than a kilo, the amount of KlaPit to use will be less. The opposite would happen if the importance were to be higher.