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What is Valentine Nails?

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Valentine Nails: a chemical mixture of monomer liquid and polymer powder that can be directly applied on the nails or artificial nails, also called nails extensions or enhancements or valentine nails.

Go-Ahead to be the First to Wear the most Innovative Trends in Manicure 2022-23

Trends of Valentine Nails in Manicure

Would you like to know what nail designs will be trending in 2022 and 2023? We invite you to discover them in this post so that your clients can be the first to wear them. Get ahead of the influencers and offer nail art creations in your salon that promise to sweep the street style and red carpets. You too.

1. Fluorine, Nail Color 2022

Opt for fluoride when choosing a nail color in 2022 and 2023. This range of shades promises to be the favorite, especially of the youngest. Your hands will attract all eyes and even more so under the sun’s rays. It can be orange, pink, or green.

The combination of various shades in different nails will delight the most daring. The bet earns points for the summer when the skin has already tanned.

2. Black will be the New Red

Black has already been a trend in recent seasons, but this one returns ready to unseat red. It is time to bring out the dark side we all carry inside. Let your manicure flourish and fill your manicure with personality and elegance.

It is as minimalist as it is versatile. You can choose gloss or matte, with a smooth surface or covered in glitter. The possibilities are multiple. And all of them are equally seductive.

3. The French Manicure is Reinvented

She is the quintessential queen. She has never gone out of style, but for a few years, she has resurfaced with all her strength thanks to various reinventions:

  • Rainbow Colors. Replace the eternal white border with a dozen shades.
  • In Neon. Give life to the hands of your customers with a spark of very vibrant color.
  • Two-Tone. The traditional pink or nude now becomes an intense color, the same as white.
  • Peak and Even Heart Endings. She thus reinvents the half-moon shape that culminates the nail.
  • Add a Bit of Glitter. It will give you an extra glamour.

4. Naked Nail Or Almost

Nature rules. For this reason, he devises creations in which less is always more. We offer you several straightforward proposals, but full of attractiveness, which will be a success in the coming months.

Only with glitter and without any other tone or artifice

Why not leave the nails with their original image? It only incorporates a layer of enamel that gives them shine. The result will be as simple as careful and, of course, charming.

Valentine Nails

When nude and pink aspire to be the nail polish color of summer 2022

A nude enamel and light pink will be ideal for achieving a natural look. Also ivory. All of them aspire to be the nail polish color of summer 2022. The best thing is that they are suitable for all skin types, from the lightest to the darkest. Who said discretion lacks charm?

Pastel pink with marble effect

It is another minimal variation full of magic. It is inspired by the veins with which marble is endowed. A different finish is added to the pink, which plays to be confused with the nail’s natural color.

5. Bordeaux in all its Variants

It is worn during the four seasons of the year. In its bet for 2022 and 2023, it is presented with different shades of color, as well as fascinating variations:

  • They are combined with other Colors. Among them are black and white, which will stand out significantly.
  • It is decorated with Metallic Tones. Draw gold or silver elements on the enameled nail. You can make lines, crescents at the base, outer edges, a spider web, etc.
  • With Glitter. Incorporates an extra shine covering each hand’s surface of one or two nails. You can also extend it totally or partially on these.
  • They were incorporating Rhinestones. Some strategically placed pieces will give more elegance to the manicure you design. The nails will shine as if they were real jewels.

6. Geometry is Imposed

Patterns made from lines and geometric prints are hitting hard. Triangles, squares, ethnic style drawings, and dots placed on the nail contrast based on their color. They are only a sample of the creations that you will be able to reproduce based on expertise.

The final finish will not leave anyone indifferent. It also incorporates different colors to make it much more striking.

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