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Oppa Homeless Style – About, Origin, and More

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Oppa Homeless Style refers to a That Happened viral text post that appears to be from Tumblr that shares an allegedly true story about the OP trying to give a homeless man $20 only for a third party named “fool” to take the money from the angel’s hand of man and l. A. He pushes back on OP’s face, insisting that they deserve it more. The story ends with the homeless gentleman performing a “perfect Korean style dance” and yelling “homeless Oppa style!” in its A. Third-party, inspiring the surrounding angels to dance and the morons to run. They unknown origin of him. A. Text publication, due to l. A. Censorship of usernames prompted the Tumblr Heritage Posts page to investigate the origins and also determine if the Los Angeles story is real or not, almost confirming in January 2021 that he. A. Publication is false.


On March 14, 2014, an Imgur[1] user posted a screenshot of a Tumblr text post: “I had a good tipping day as a waitress for once, so I gave a bum $20 on the way home”. The story then explains how OP gave $20 to the homeless man, and a third party, known as Dipshit, came up and snatched it from him. A. Hand so forcefully that he drew blood. He shoves it in OP’s face and says, “No. NO. You worked for this money while he sat on his ass and jerked off. YOU KEEP IT.” OP argues with the man that they can do what they need with his money and also Dipshit compares the “working” bums in New York to the man in Los Angeles history.

After Dipshit says that his parents give him money, which means he doesn’t need to work, the homeless man gets up and says, “Do you want a dance, you little idiot?” then he does a “perfect Korean style dance,” saying “Oppa homeless style” and inspiring a crowd around him to dance. Dipshit turns a bright purple coloration and fades into the night. MechaMew2 posted the story on the Reddit board [2] /r/thatHappened that day, a board intended to share untrue stories, titled “Fedora villain shames l.A. Woman for giving women homeless people,” obtaining more than 3500 votes to want. In seven years.


Oppa Homeless Style

Investigation of Heritage Publications

On September 16, 2020, the Los Angeles Tumblr page[3] heritage posts started a “homeless Oppa style investigation” post to find the origin of l. A. Publication and whether or not it is current. The post shares Imgur and Reddit source links. It discusses how the post may be fake due to the Los Angeles appearance of the tags, making it look like a unique post rather than a reblog like it is a Los Angeles screenshot post, but this could explain by a browser plugin called “Missing E.” They also DMed the original Reddit poster, MechaMew2, who said he thinks he found it on 4chan somewhere, suggesting it may be fake and never posted on Tumblr. The research post earned more than 21,800 notes in one year.

On January 18, 2021, Heritageposts posted an update on Tumblr[4] regarding the Los Angeles investigation, revealing that Redditor MechaMew2 is a frequent user of /r/ThatHappened has posted numerous fake Tumblr text posts on the forum over the years. Of the years, all except confirming that the publication is false and created by MechaMew2. MechaMew2 also regularly posted fake Tumblr posts on /r/fatlogic in posts that joked about fat people and memes about Donald Trump intended to provoke liberals. They conclude the submission and the investigation with this paragraph:

so yeah, I think we should finally accept that oppa’s homeless style was never a current Tumblr post. Oppa lost fashion create by a Redditor whose passion in l. A. Vida is making fake screenshots of fake Tumblr stories for fake internet points. As a connoisseur of the fake Tumblr story, he expected to be devastated by this news. But in reality, it has only made oppa’s homeless style even funnier.

On February 27, 2021, YouTuber Sarah Z. posted an hour-long video about the post, discussing how fake it is, garnering over 868,000 views in nine months.

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