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Backgrounds for Web Pages

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Backgrounds for Web Pages: When viewing the content of your website, the knowledge of the pages can help improve the user experience or worsen it. That’s why we want to help you find the best fund.

Why is it Important to Choose a Good Background for your Web Pages?

The background you choose will impact how users will feel about your content. In addition, of the elements that shape customers’ perception of a brand, 75% corresponds to the design of your site.

The Background of your Page should make it Easy to Read and Understand your Content

For instance, if you have a background with lots of bright elements and colors, it will likely distract or tire the reader. You need to find an experience that complements and accompanies the other aspects of your pages, such as web typography and visual layout.

The Type of Background for Web Pages you choose should Support the Identity of your Company

We refer to the elements that constitute branding: the identity of your business that is unmistakable in all the channels you have for contact and advertising. For example, if you own an airline, a photo showing the sky may be more relevant than a photo of underwater life. This good practice will give confidence to your visitors; On the other hand, if the design is not attractive,  38% of them will leave your site.

Types of Backgrounds for Web Pages

You can take advantage of many types of backgrounds for web pages, but we can summarize them into four categories: colors, images, photos, and videos.


Backgrounds for Web Pages

As simple as it sounds, it’s a solid color background. You can take advantage of the colors of your company or your logo; remember that it is better not to choose very bright colors (of course, for everything, there are exceptions) since they could create a design that tires the eyes of your users.


We also include textures and other digital graphics when we talk about images. These backgrounds are very effective, as they take solid color to a new level, often by including repeating textures that are not too disruptive. They can also be simple images and (generally) with few colors.


Not just photographs, they can also be full-color illustrations. You have to be very careful when using this type of background, as it is necessary to find an image that is not too distracting and expresses the company’s essence.


Very few websites use videos as wallpaper because they can distract the user; however, a handful of creatives have managed to use videos in unorthodox ways that work perfectly.

There are many spots where you can download backgrounds for your website. This way, you won’t have to rack your brain in designing an environment that is attractive to your users and manages to function the way you want.

We have compiled a list of sites where you can download professional, functional, and aesthetic backgrounds that will take your website to new heights and make your customers fall in love.

31 Sites to Download Backgrounds for Professional Websites

  1. Toptal: subtle patterns
  2. Dinpattern
  3. BackgroundLabs
  4. Patternizer
  5. stockvault
  6. Texture Ninja
  7. AirStation
  8. wallhaven
  9. Vecteezy
  10. Splitshire
  11. Picography
  12. FreePik
  13. free images
  14. picjumbo
  15. unsplash
  16. stock snap
  17. Life of Pix
  18. foodiesfeed
  19. New Old Stock
  20. negative space
  21. Freeography
  22. Dreamstime
  23. death to stock
  24. Little Visuals
  25. pixabay
  26. videezy
  27. dareful
  28. The Pond5 Public Domain Project
  29. pixels
  30. Life of Vids
  31. pikwizard