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Red And Black Makeup for Eye

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Red and black makeup for eye manifest the boldness of your personality. These bright colors charm your eyes and must do well. Red is bold while black is intense, and their elegant combination makes you stand out from the crowd. But it can go very wrong if you don’t know how to apply and blend it perfectly.

Red and Black Makeup for Eye- Step By Step Tutorial

So, let’s start the tutorial!

Start by smearing an eye primer to prevent the shadow from creasing and shifting. Then draw an outer wing at the far corner of the eye to create the illusion of a line linking the lower lash line to the brow bone area. Use a creamy kajal for this step. It is easier to mix the kajal later. Here I used the Lotus Herbals Creamy Kajal in black. It is best to use covering tape to guide this makeup as it will help create a strong wing and keep the makeup in the eye area.

Then, use a brush or pencil-like brush to blend the kajal towards the eye area gently. Again,  use gentle strokes and don’t pull on the eye area. Here I am using the Colorbar Smudge Brush for this step. Then set the creamy kajal smeared with matte black eyeshadow to prevent the eyeshadow from creasing. Here I used a matte black eyeshadow from Kryolan.

Choose a bright, vibrant red eyeshadow of your choice, which can have a satin, matte, or shimmer finish. Since I wanted the eye makeup to be soft, I used a matte red eyeshadow. Start by applying the eyeshadow to the lid area in a light patting motion. Please do not remove the color, as it will fade and decrease the intensity of the color.

How to apply Red And Black Makeup for medium brown eyeshadow

Red And Black Makeup For Eyeshadow

Apply a medium brown eyeshadow in a matte formula to the crease area of ​​the eye. Also, This step is essential in any eye makeup as it will help create a smooth color transition from black to brown, giving your makeup a soft smoky look. Here I use the Elf Day on the Beach Eyeshadow Pallet for the matte medium brown eyeshadow.

So take a feathery blending brush and gently blend all the applied eyeshadow. And Also, Here, I used the Oriflame tapered blending brush. Use short, circular strokes to slowly blend eyeshadow for a soft smoky look with no harsh edges or lines.

Now take the same matte black eyeshadow you used in the previous step and apply it to the eye’s outer angle and the crease area to define the eyes better. Here I use the Kryolan matte black eyeshadow again. If blending causes the red eyeshadow to fade, you can reposition the eyeshadow in the center of the eyelid to make it look brighter and brighter.

Here apply red and black makeup to the eye with careful

Next, line your eyes thick or thin, depending on your preference. Since I wanted to create a dramatic look, I applied a thick line and made it bigger. Here I used Kryolan Black Liquid Eyeliner.

Next, apply the same black and red eye makeup using the eyeshadows you used earlier to the lower lash line of your eyes. This will give your eye makeup a balanced look. Then line your watermark with your favorite kajal to further define the eyes. Here I used Lotus Herbals Kajal in black. Next, apply the amount of mascara needed to complete the eye makeup.

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Red and black makeup for the eye adds charm to your eyes and gives you a picture-perfect look. Expressive how to apply this eye makeup and how to mix the products can significantly improve the appearance of your eyes. A blending brush or a pencil brush can help blend the kajal perfectly. The matte and satin, or shimmer finish will give your eyes a vibrant look. Using circular motions helps give a smoky look without harsh edges. Although applying the perfect eye makeup seems complicated, you can easily apply it with the step-by-step procedure mentioned above.

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