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What is Black Dress?

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Black Dress: The little black dress (LBD) is a black evening or cocktail dress, cut and often relatively short. It is planned to be long-lasting, versatile, affordable, and widely accessible. Fashion historians credit the origins of the little black dress to the 1920s designs of Coco Chanel.

The Piece for Every Occasion

The reasons for wearing a black dress are diverse. First, it will make you look slimmer and highlight your natural curves. Also, this color is considered elegant and a symbol that reflects authority and power. The best thing is that they never go out of style.

Its use dates back to 1926, when Coco Chanel devised it. It became legendary for actress Audrey Hepburn in 1961 when she wore it in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Besides, you can reinvent it just with a few touches and accessories.

Not all dresses can be worn for any occasion. You must know how to choose the right style. The key to standing out is to personalize them

  • It is preferable to wear short and tight black dresses with a cut-out neckline for parties and daytime events. The length should be – below the knee, especially for offices, and with soft fabrics that look good in this color, such as wool crepe.
  • For night commitments, opt for one with straps tight to the body that reaches the knee. The body is recommended to be in the shape of a heart, in a thicker fabric, and up to the knee.
  • If the event calls for casual wear, go for a stretchy dress.
  • It is the ideal garment, especially for the Christmas season, because it makes you look elegant and, at the same time, slims your figure. Ideally, it should have a simple cut.

The Black Dress Adapts to Different Body Shapes

For women with large busts, the round-neck black dress is the best to reduce the size visually.

On the other hand, the best alternative to highlight the figure is the belt, which enhances the hips. Situate it in the thinnest part of the waist and combine it with the shoes. You will give shape to loose models or accentuate those that are tight.

The V-cut, sleeveless dress is suitable for short women. At the same time, the empire cut hides imperfections such as the pronounced abdomen and wide hips. Avoid glitter, lace, and tulle for daily activities.

Ideas to Combine a Black Dress

As we all know, the dress is fundamental in every woman’s wardrobe. It is versatile and timeless, and the Aida dress exemplifies these characteristics. But what makes it unique are the plugins, which make them get the most out of it.

Among the accessories for black dresses, we have that the cardigan is a good alternative. It just has to be combined with the right length and accessories.

The shoes allow you to play to enhance the style but the basics of the main garment.

  • If the intention is to have a sober appearance, use the closed ones and thin heels.
  • Putting on some ankle boots or ballerinas is good if you are looking for informality.
  • To be more elegant, the right thing is high-heeled shoes or sandals.
  • Red is an ally of black and can be worn on shoes, belts, bags, or jackets.

Black Dress

But this is not enough; to enhance the style, wear a colorful necklace or colorful bracelets, earrings, and ring. The silver tone stands out from the black and gives a touch of elegance without being formal. The large bags are for the day, and the small clutch-style bags are for the night.

With an elegant appearance. You can achieve the goal with small flower shapes or a simple gemstone. Also, brooches are suitable to give the dress a touch of light or color.

Ways to Wear Short Black Dresses

The length is also essential. In the case of short black dresses, they can be combined with a long blazer or vest to look elegant. While wearing a coat with bright color and low heels is suitable for the office.

If you want to look formal but fresh, wear them with printed flats and a colorful bag. Playing with patterns and textures is allowed. The trend is towards neutral colors in this case. In winter you can combine it with a coat and long boots to avoid the cold.

With a variety of colors. They have a variety of styles, plain black, gray, or with figures, dots and mesh. If you want to be more casual, add pantyhose and a military-style jacket. Stockings can be for day or night.

Besides, she wears low ankle boots, accessories, and striking accessories that contrast. The sexy touch will be given by a black or burgundy leather jacket complemented by long boots. If you wear it with a denim shirt and long boots, you will have an even more modern look.

Also, a casual black dress can be worn with tennis and gladiator sandals for the hot season. But the footwear will depend on the style of the dress.

More Casual Style

The most daring dare to add a scarf to their hair when they wear a jean jacket. You can also choose headbands, clips, or brooches. A large, masculine-style watch gives a sporty touch. For a semi-formal event, combine the dress with a dainty scarf. A pashmina will be able to cover your neck and shoulders in case it gets cold.

Using a sweater gives you a relaxed look, giving this piece a touch to the outfit. Dressing in layers will protect you from inclement weather. Adopt the traditional black style or white rings. One of the accessories for a fabulous black dress is a pair of sunglasses.

If you want to be more impressive, choose the colors black or silver rings. The traditional wide-brimmed hat will give you a classic style.

The essential point is to select the dress based on the shape of your body. It seeks to mark all the sensual points where there are more curves and hide the weak ones.

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