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What is a Terrarium Coffee Table? Perfect Place, Made And More

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The terrarium coffee table is an essential piece of furniture that can bring fashion and style to any living room. You may not be able to obtain a dining table. But that doesn’t mean you can’t choose an alternative, a small coffee table and chair.

When thinking of ways to lifestyle a terrarium coffee table, you can never go wrong placing a succulent on it. Perhaps opt for a jade plant or donkey tail to brighten up the empty surface, or add colour to the room with a pink moonstone succulent. However, some crafty people have taken their coffee table plant game to the next level. They have already stopped placing plants on their glass tables and instead built gardens inside to create impressive displays. Behold the terrarium coffee table!

What is the Perfect Place for a Terrarium Coffee Table?

A terrarium coffee table in the living room is the best place to enjoy the company of the animals you love. Not to mention that you will great low y surprise your guests. Pleasure and surprise will be present during your receptions. These decorative tables will provide a personal touch and excellent friendliness.

How to Make a Terrarium Coffee Table with Wood?

Terrarium Coffee Table with Wood

This time we have come up with a unique approach using pallet wood. We have developed a DIY pallet centre table that can accentuate the mood of your living room to a great extent. Also We made a DIY pallet tabletop terrarium that is best for doing the other types of tasks. We installed a glass showcase on the pallet’s rigid boundaries; this combination makes a perfect type of table.

We created this terrarium coffee table setup to give your favourite reptile and land animals a home. You can also use it as a DIY pallet coffee table to accompany you for tea and coffee while chatting on the sofa in the living room. The live view of small land animals in this sealed glass display case would make it unique and incomparable in its trends. You can also find a duplicate of this elegant DIY pallet cabinet to get this very luxurious and elegant piece of furniture at a low price.

The rustic edge of its table was save exclusively from pallet wood. To get the pallet, you can visit many accessible sources such as dumpsters and buildings under construction; the most common are shipping areas.

We first created the rustic border of a DIY pallet table. Then outfitted the inside with a gill box that makes a sealed spot for your plants and reptiles.

A perfect door lock system has been adopted for the interior configuration of the glass box and the terrarium to enter your favourite type of land plants and animals at any time.

You can choose this project for your home’s living room and family room to achieve modern and stylish statements from a table on a tight budget. This DIY pallet idea is unique and approaches the current terms of a table inexpensively.

Elements Necessary for the Comfort and Life of the Animals:

Comfort and Life of the Animals

  • Audio insulation of the tank: double glass cover (6 and 8 mm)
  • Shock Isolation: The top plate is mounted on shock mounts that protect against vibration.
  • Ventilation: 2 vents at the bottom and 2 notches at the top ensure adequate air circulation.
  • Light: a strip of glass serves as a support for a lamp/spotlight on an arm. It is possible to install a neon tube under the top (with the transformer on foot)
  • Underfloor heating: a space of 10 mm between the rear window and the carpentry makes it possible to place a heating blanket (therefore outside the tank)
  • Angled dry trunking allows the discrete passage of electrical cables.
  • Access to the passenger compartment is done in 2 ways: by sliding the tray 20 cm for more frequent maintenance. For full access, the tray can be remove.


Whether you’re looking for a new way to bring more plants into a small living space or want to add some greenery to your coffee table. A terrarium coffee table is an excellent addition to your indoor garden. The best part is that terrarium coffee tables are so versatile. They can grow small plants such as succulents, tropical plants, and hydroponic plants that are well suited to a terrarium ecosystem.

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