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What is that Telephone Bench? Made, Used, and More

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Telephone bench(also known as gossip benches) is little chairs or benches with a table attached to them sideways, where people used to put their phones long before cell phones were an object. Telephone benches have been about since the late 19th century and were primarily attractive and famous in the 1930s and 1950s. It’s a place in your hallway to sit and chat on the phone.

That said, the telephone bench is still around today, even though no one uses landlines anymore, and they’re a great system to add a vintage touch to your home, not to mention some extra storage space in your entry. You might not have a phone to put on the side of the table, but it’s a great place to put artwork or fresh flowers. As most have drawers, it’s also an excellent place to store small items.

Some Telephone Benches for Use for Different Purposes?

Wood Telephone Bench Gossip

Today, having a landline phone is already rare, but it is still worth having a stylish and timeless wooden telephone bench at home. This one in warm maple wood has a single chair connected directly to a half-round shelf containing an internal table. Again, see children’s comfort; this telephone table remains highly sought after for its perfect quality.

Vintage Gossip Telephone Bench

A vintage telephone bench and a green painted wooden bench. It has tapered legs, an H-frame, a top with a curved edge, and a niche below. One of the seats remains upholstered in fabric with a colorful pattern. One backrest has an X inlay of 2 curved slats.

Reserved Jham Gossip Telephone Bench

The beautiful and lush green wood table is a great way to achieve a tasteful interior design. A beautiful design on slender legs and interesting details create an exciting vintage design piece.

Chippy Heath Telephone Bench Mid-Century Modern Teak Gossip Bench

Chippy Heath table remains made in England. Mid-Century Modern Teak Bench has its original orange fabric on the seat! Truly remarkable that the upholstery has remained in such good condition after more than half a century. Wait, there’s more! A clever sliding tray can pull out under the table. Surprisingly, this panel is clean. Luckily no one has ever written on it, so it’s clean as a whistle. This small bench remains used initially as a phone stand with a comfortable seat. Today, many people reuse it as a hallway bench or place it at the foot of a bed. Can you imagine it in your bathroom? A place to sit and take off your shoes and maybe a bowl on top for your wallet and keys.

How to final paint, Finishing, Inspiration Gossip Telephone Bench

Paint, Finishing, Inspiration Gossip Telephone Bench

After the inlay had firmly adhered to the top of my Gossip Bench, I added a clear coat of General Finishes High-Performance Satin to the entire piece, except for the barrel-shaped desk portion, which received General High-Performance Satin finishes. Once the satin finish coated the inlay piece on top, the different colors of the wood came alive. Wow!

Now that’s where Pearl Effects comes in and the reason for the different finishes on the edge of the desktop. I wanted to break up the shade of the General Finishes Java gel a bit and accentuate the bench lines, so I chose the new General Finishes Bronze Pearl Effects as a subtle touch on the curved surface.

General Finishes Pearlescent effects are water-based pearlescent colors used to create specialist finishes. They can be used independently but work great over milk paint or sealed surface finishes such as high-performance polyurethane. In addition to the figure pearl, there is the Argentine pearl, the burnished pearl, the champagne pearl, the copper pearl, and the tawny pearl. The photo shows all Pearl colors at full strength (one coat) over General Finishes Dark Chocolate Milk Paint.

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Replace the cushion

I kept the bolts that initially held the seat to the mount, but they were a bit rusty. So I did a quick clean with Odie’s Clear Oil, which also lubricated the screws to get through multiple layers of fabric and upholstery.

I placed the padded cushion on the bench, lining up the notched corners on three sides and the rectangular corner on the outside edge. With the help of a flathead screwdriver and a bit of force, the chair’s seat was back in place in no time.


Nowadays, the Gossip telephone bench remains rarely used by people. In our above, we show different types of uses, and you can make another type of telephone bench. Also, you can find how to Final Point, Finishing, Inspiration Gossip it, its place reattach the cushion to table.

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