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Yoga Exercise at Home for Beginners

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Yoga Exercise is one of those topics we are all interested in sooner or later. You already know that it is an ancient discipline whose practice offers countless physical and spiritual benefits. Still, perhaps now you are wondering something else: how can I start doing yoga at home?

We do not intend to go in-depth or replace advice only an instructor can give you. We will try to approach things more practically, with some general recommendations and a table of yoga exercises that will allow you to familiarize yourself, little by little, with some of the basic postures or asanas.

Yoga for Beginners: Some Things You Should Be Clear About

Yoga exercises are just one of several pillars of the discipline. The others are relaxation, meditation, diet, and breathing. So, in reality, it is a set of vital habits that feed each other and go beyond strictly physical activity. But we said we would be practical, so let’s get to it.

Choose a place as calm and quiet as possible, wear comfortable clothes, and avoid starting the session on a full stomach.

Go easy. Don’t ask too much of your figure or try to force it into a posture. With time and practice, you will perfect the asanas.

Breathe slowly, consciously, and regularly. Do it with the diaphragm, so the abdomen swells in each inhalation, not the chest.

Yoga Exercises to Do at Home

The Tree

Standing, and with the palms of the hands together above the head, raise the right foot and rest its sole on the inner side of the left thigh. Hold the position for about twenty seconds and do the same, changing legs. It is one of the best-known yoga exercises.

The Posture on the Shoulders

Lie on the floor with your arms by your sides. Raise your legs, together and straight, over your head. Then, separate your hips from the ground and support your body with your hands while your elbows remain supported. Straighten your spine and put your legs as vertical as possible. You should avoid this asana if you have any cervical problems.

The Plow

Starting from the previous position, keep your legs together and let them slowly lower behind your head. The arms must be stretched and with the palms against the floor. When you touch the ground with your feet, take a deep breath. If you can’t handle it, stay in the position you reach and breathe slowly.

The Fish

Lie on your spinal, with your legs pushed out and together. Put both hands under your buttocks, palms flat on the floor. Support yourself on your elbows and increase your trunk by arching your back, but with your head in contact with the ground. Hold the pose for about twenty seconds with your weight resting lightly on the top of your head.

Downward Facing Dog

Bring your hands forward and straighten your trunk to align with your arms on all fours. Slowly stretch your legs until your body forms an inverted V.

The Cobra

Yoga Exercise

Lie face down with your legs stretched out. Bend your arms and rest your tributes on the ground at shoulder height. As you inhale, help yourself with your arms to raise your head and chest so that your back is arched.

The Raven

It is one of the best-known balance postures in yoga. Squat down, place your arms between your knees, and your hands on the ground, wide open. Slowly shift your body weight forward until you can lift your feet and support yourself only with your hands. Looking straight ahead, hold the position for a few seconds.

We hope that this table of easy yoga postures to do at home will be helpful to you and will serve as an introduction to an exciting discipline. With it, you will be able to tone your muscles, increase your agility and flexibility, improve the condition of your joints and gain relaxation and balance.