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Round Beds – Description, Characteristics, Include, and More

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Round Beds are not very common in houses; they are unique pieces that need a lot of space and evoke big hotels in Las Vegas and long nights. They are a great option to give a different air to the bedroom if you are looking for something very different from the normal.

Characteristics of Round Beds

How Much?

The usual thing is to find beds of 2 meters in diameter, although they can be manufactured in the desired measures.

How much Space do they Need?

Round Beds

As in conventional beds, a minimum of 7o cm on both sides of the bed and the foot is recommended; In the case of round beds, the more free space around them, the better.

Types of Round Beds

We can find round beds without a headboard, a headboard, and even corner beds. There are also round beds with mobile headboards, so you can move them to orient the bed where you want.

What Mattress to Use?

The round mattresses make to measure and on request and can be made of the material we like the most. At Colchón Exprés, we are manufacturers, and we can produce your round mattress with the highest quality and comfort.

How to Include a Round Bed in the Bedroom?

Round beds can place where we most want; If the room is large enough, we can put it in the center as if it were an island, giving a greater sense of spaciousness to the space, and the bed can be fully appreciated.

Those with a corner headboard are very practical for smaller rooms, and you can enjoy this unique bed without sacrificing much space.

As for the style of these beds, their design fits in all of them, from those with a tufted headboard intended for classic settings to those with more minimalist headboards that fit perfectly into modern settings.

Round beds are not cheap objects; both the structure and the mattress usually make to measures, which increases their price; at the same time, we will have something very exclusive and unique. In addition, it must take into the version that the bedding will have to be specifically made, making the final price more expensive.

Types of Beds – Discover the Different Types

If you are thinking of replacing your bed, perhaps it would be handy to know the trends in this essential piece of furniture in the bedroom. Choosing the right mattress is vital for the rooms, and in this decision, we will consider its aesthetic appearance, comfort, and functionality. We must look at: the size, the design, the style, the material, and the characteristics. Of course, the room’s layout, size, and decoration will also be important in the decision process. Keep reading this OneHOWTO article and discover all the types of beds that you can find in furniture and decoration stores.

The Size of the Bed

The beds can be classified into four basic sizes, with their varieties:

  1. Individuals are more suitable for living alone or in children’s rooms.
  2. Double Beds for Two People. They are the most common.
  3. King Size Beds. The largest, the ones we often find in hotels. They measure 2×2 meters and, when buying them, you are investing in space and comfort, although it recommends if this piece of furniture is not going to take up too much in your room.
  4. The Queen Beds are the intermediate step between the married and the maximize. Its length ranges between 1.90 cm and 2 meters, while the width would be between 1.75 cm and 1.80 centimeters.

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