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How to Match Your Glasses with Your Hair

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In the fashion industry, eyewear continues to be a hot and popular accessory. Brands are responding to current fashion trends and attracting younger generations and fashion enthusiasts due to the demand for trendy and affordable eyewear, bringing the market size to $169.9 billion in 2022. With this growth trajectory, even more growth is expected in the next few years. Not only are glasses and sunglasses functional and protective, but they can make a great fashion statement and enhance any look.
Finding the best pair that complements you can be tricky, especially when considering your hair and features. Though you don’t have to worry about breaking any style rules when picking out new frames, there are ways to ensure you get the most flattering look. Here’s how to match your glasses with your hair:

Find suitable colors

Picking a hue that flatters your hair color and skin tone can make them look more flattering. You can start by looking at which colors complement your skin undertones—warm, cool, or neutral—and then check what colors work with your hair.
Fortunately, it’s much easier to pick the perfect color and model for your eyewear since many brands offer multiple versions of the same style. Oakley’s selection of sunglasses showcase how popular frames, like the Holbrook or Forgskins, can come in different frame or lens colors for more options. Warmer browns can go for classic tortoiseshell frames or red or burgundy colors. Black hair works well with metallic frames or bright and saturated colors. Redheads can rock warmer metals. There are no set hues for choosing a color for your eyewear, but some might match your hair better than others and give you a cohesive look.

Working with your hairdo

Coordinating your glasses with your hairstyle can make for a cohesive look depending on your style and what you want to call attention to. Since both your hair and glasses work to highlight or minimize your face shape and features, they must have harmony. If you have big, voluminous curls, you can opt for thinner frames to soften your look and draw attention to your gorgeous locks. If you rock a fringe, smaller glasses with softer angles help offset the sharpness of your bangs. Sleek ponytails and buns are great for letting bolder frames and sharper angles shine, or you can still opt for a sophisticated look with thinner glasses. Bobs and pixie cuts are also versatile, and you can style them with either oversized frames or wireframe ones, depending on the vibes you want to give off.
When in doubt, classic styles can be your go-to. Cat-eye frames are perpetually stylish, and brands like Prada and Gucci still offer multiple variations of the iconic model today. They can be on the smaller, thinner side, or you can go for a bigger, chunkier look.

Change up your style

If you already have a pair of glasses or sunnies you love that don’t do your hair justice, you don’t have to buy a whole new pair to make it work. Instead, you can change your hair to make your frames look even better! Experimenting with new ways of styling your hair can help you find a balance between your ‘do and your eyewear for a more flattering look. If you’re feeling bold, you can even make a big chop if it’s been something you’ve wanted to do for a while.
Trying out a new hair color is also a common change you can make to your hair, but you can also try wearing a wig instead of coloring or bleaching your locks. Wigs are a great way to get dimensional color without the damage and commitment, and you can choose the right one by considering color, length, and hairstyle to suit your face and style. Matching your wig with your glasses can be a fun and safe alternative that can be just as complementary to your look.

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