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In July, every employee who has dependents covered under our medical plans received information from Alight Solutions about the Dependent Verification Audit(www yourdependentverification com plan smart info). The official verification request notices were mailed out to all applicable employees on July 7, 2018. Please be aware that if you received a letter from Alight. Then the action of verifying your dependent(s) is required. Follow all instructions stated in the notices you receive from Alight.

Submitting documents is easy with Alight since they have provided a safe and secure online portal to upload documents. Employees can fax or mail their documents as well.

  • Secure Online Upload: www yourdependentverification com plan smart info
  • Login Name: TU + Your Dependent Verification ID. (Example TU000000) Your Dependent Verification ID (can be found at the bottom of your notice).
  • Password: This is your date of birth in mm-dd-yy format. (Example 013168) You will be impelled to reset your password upon entering the secured site.
  • Secure Fax: 1-877-965-9555
  • Mail: Dependent Verification Center, P.O. Box 1414, Lincolnshire, IL 60069-1414

To prepare you for the next step in this process, locate marriage certificates, birth certificates or any other documents that you may need to verify your dependent(s). Alight will provide more details concerning the acceptable documents. Confidential information, such as social security numbers and income. It can also  be covered or removed from your documents before sending to Alight. Copies of documents are acceptable as well. We also know this process may be an inconvenience, but also all dependents and spouses covered by the medical plans will be documented for 2018 or coverage will be canceled. Coverage of ineligible dependents increases costs for all of us. Therefore your cooperation in this process is greatly appreciated.


  • SEND COPIES ONLY! Do not send original documents.
  • Only send the first page of your federal tax return (Form 1040) that shows your dependents.
  • Black out all monetary amounts appearing on the first page of your federal tax return (example: earnings listed on your 1040).
  • Black out Social Security numbers appearance on any documents submitted.
  • Documents proving joint ownership are: debt statements, credit card statements, bank statements, property tax statements and current, non-expired residential leasing agreements listing both parties’ names as co-owners. The joint ownership may be establish prior to the present year; however, the statement provide must be issue within the last six months, or still current if a residential lease.
  • Proof of marriage must be a government issue marriage license or marriage documentation including the date of your marriage. Church issued certificates are NOT acceptable.
  • Birth certificates must be government-issued birth certificates listing parent names.
  • Hospital-issued certificates are NOT acceptable.

yourdependentverification com plan smart info

VITAL RECORDS REQUEST: If you need to request vital records (birth or marriage certificates) from a state or local public records office, please order your documentation early in the verification procedure to ensure timely receipt. Some state and also county offices can take several weeks to issue a vital record.

PHOTOCOPYING VITAL RECORDS: If photo-copying of your vital record is prohibit. We recommend that you obtain the non certified vital record and submit your documentation via the United States Postal Service.

BIRTH CERTIFICATES CATALOGUE PARENT NAMES: Short form government-issued birth certificates that do not hold parent names are NOT acceptable. Please obtain the long form that includes the parent names (the same use to obtain a passport).

Plan-Smart-An Easy-to-Implement Solution

Plan-Smart performs the verification work and removes a potentially tedious task from the desks of the HR team. Aon Hewitt's easy-to-implement solution helps ensure a maximum return on your benefits investment by reducing future dependent health care costs and improving employee understanding of health care cost drivers and their personal responsibility for controlling these costs.

Plan Smart performs a complete audit of your entire registered dependent population. Only a complete audit, as compared to a statistical sampling, it can also ensure maximum return on investment while treating all employees equitably.

Measurable and Documented Results

Plan-Smart delivers significant financial results measured in months, not years. Depending on the size of a population, the cost savings can be substantial. Our solution reduces the number of enrolled dependents by as much as 30 percent with an average reduction of 5 to 7 percent. At an average cost per cover dependent of $4,100, the savings to be gain add up quickly.


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