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Blue Flame Publishing Ltd ( flamepublishingnet) is an active company incorporated on 26 March 2022 with the registered office located in Bexley, Greater London. Blue Flame Publishing Ltd has been running for 1 year 9 months. There is currently 1 active director according to the latest confirmation statement submitted on 25th March 2023.

Groundbreaking solutions for emergency services

With over three decades of expertise manufacturing specialist rescue appliances, E-1 is well versed in the challenges faced by the rescue services and the requirements of the machinery they use. This makes the company perfectly placed to evolve existing technology and develop innovative solutions – and that’s exactly what it’s been doing.

E-1’s achievements to date include:

  • helping supply Europe’s tallest turntable ladder on a fire engine
  • contributing to the development of graphical user interfaces such as eCabControl and ePumpControl
  • designing the E1 Scorpion™, a state-of-the-art ladder built for tackling fires at long range.
  • These innovations, while considerably improving safety and simplifying operations. It could be considered minor when compared to the E1-EV0: the world’s first fully electric fire engine. Which is designed, developed, and produced by Emergency One.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Emergency Vehicles

Climate change is causing extreme weather conditions all over the world and is creating a vicious cycle. As hotter, dryer conditions increase the number of fire and rescue service vehicles needed. Carbon emissions from the use of these vehicles are also increasing. This presents a unique challenge, particularly as fire and rescue services can’t employ many of the simple emission-reducing solutions used by other industries.

They can’t change their proximity to emergency locations to reduce the miles travelled, or reduce the size of their vehicles, and they can’t reduce the number of vehicles they operate. What they can do, though, is change the vehicles themselves.

However, sustainable emergency vehicles that meet the required industry specifications simply hadn’t existed until the E1-EV0.

Sustainable Emergency Vehicles

Prior to the launch of the E1-EV0, Emergency One was already exporting to major overseas markets.  But this revolutionary vehicle — with its bespoke capabilities and ability to be easily combine into existing fleets — has the potential to expand even further.

Most recently, the E1-EV0 has been sold to France. This sale is expect to lead to several more across Europe, with many other countries showing interest in the vehicle.

The innovations used in the E1-EV0 can also be applied to evolutions of other existing appliances. For example, Emergency One is currently working with a US company to provide the E1-EV0 propulsion system for its vehicles. Other elements can also be further develop for different appliances – such as the solar panels that sit on its roof to provide renewable charging.

With the E1-EV0, Emergency One has demonstrated its ability to create revolutionary products that will help not just Scotland but the world achieve its net zero ambitions.

About www.Blue Flamepublishingnet

I think that I first heard of “The Blue Flame”, (an unofficial and illicit publication dating back to the 1930s) when I was delivering a training course in the Arabian Gulf. It was put together by some of the chemists working at the time at Aramco (later Saudi Aramco), to show their fellow expats how to produce distill spirits – a controversial activity in Saudi Arabia, where alcohol is illegal.

It has taken me ten years to track down an original version of The Blue Flame ( flamepublishingnet.) The original real McCoy is essentially an 18-page summary of the 372 pages of “Chemistry and Technology of Wines & Liquors” by Herstein & Gregory, first published in 1935. The same year as most sources think The Blue Flame was first published. This source text was written very shortly after the end of the US’s own disastrous experiment with national alcohol prohibition.

An internet search yields various texts which claim to be transcribe from The Blue Flame. But they all seem to have been produce in the 1970s. The newer internet versions appear to be real, but they contain no part of the original document. And are nowhere near as succinct as the original copy which I have now located.


The above paragraph throws a new light on the subject. Apparently it's not true that aging in charred wood gets rid of the undesirable by-products, but still some of us like the taste of the esters because that is what gives the "whiskey taste" to our Stateside liquor. It follows, then, that running according to temperatures is one of the best ways of getting rid of unwanted by-products.

In the past some people have used the technique of accelerated aging by double-boiler heating of 90 proof alcohol and wood chips. We definitely do not recommend this method because, first, alcohol vapors are release above the flame of the stove which is hazardous, and second. The method requires a loose-fitting cap on the alcohol container. It is difficult to specify what is loose and what is not. If the cap should accidentally be fasten too tightly. It is possible that pressure can build up inside the container, and it might explode. This is a double hazard because of the shrapnel-like articles of the container and the sudden release of the flammable alcohol vapors. Hence, it is all about flamepublishingnet.

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