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What is Wall Painting? – Types, Features, and More

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Wall painting, a dynamic form of artistic expression, involves adorning interior and exterior surfaces with intricate designs, vivid scenes, and captivating visuals. Rooted in centuries-old cultural traditions, wall paintings transform mundane spaces into vibrant canvases, conveying stories, emotions, and aesthetics. From ancient cave paintings to modern urban murals, this art form reflects societal values, historical contexts, and individual creativity. With a fusion of techniques, colors, and styles, wall painting continues to enchant and inspire, reshaping environments into evocative and thought-provoking realms that resonate with both the past and the present.

6 Types of Interior Wall Paints

Selecting the proper color and right type of color for the internal walls is as important as the landscape outside. When it originates to painting your home, interior wall color is one of the most imperative features of structure and portrait effort. It maintains the home-based and types it beautifully and visually pretty and attractive.

Broadly classifying, there are six major types of paints that most families choose for their interior walls. Depending on the budget, favorite look and feel, and personal choice and favorite, the households choose between matte, semi-gloss, gloss, coating, emulsion, and distemper. These paints twist and supply by paint suppliers and greases manufacturers to wholesalers, retailers, and end-users.

  • Matte Painting
  • Semi-Gloss Painting
  • Gloss Painting
  • Enamel Paint
  • Emulsion Paint
  • Distemper Paint

Features for When You’re Selecting Wall Paint

Wall Painting

  • Washable
  • Safe-To-Touch
  • Stain Resistance
  • Crack Bridging Property
  • Weather Resistance

How to Paint a Mural of a Tree on the Wall Step By Step?

Lately, we are seeing that you like the posts or articles that we do related to the theme of decorating walls with trees, either in the form of vinyl templates or painting them freehand, for example. But today, we bring you an idea to make a mural of a tree painted on the wall step by step in a relatively simple way.

So let’s see how to make the mural step by step.

First Step: First, the silhouette of the tree that we will paint is roughly made with masking tape stuck on the wall.

Second Step: We fill the entire interior of the silhouette with masking tape attached to the wall.

Third Step: Draw the tree on the bodybuilder tape; we can use a template or do it freehand. It is advisable to do it in pencil to be able to erase if we get confused or do not like the design.

Fourth Step: Once we have the tree design drawn on the tape, we go over the pencil lines with which we have outlined the tree with a black marker.

Fifth Step: Now, with the well-marked black lines, we take a cutter in excellent condition; that is, it cuts perfectly, and we cut all the lines.

Sixth Step: Now that we have made a giant template, we can paint the bare wall that makes the tree’s shape. We have created the color we want.

Seventh Step: Carefully remove all the tape so we can enjoy our new tree-shaped mural painted on the wall.

Decorate your Wall with a Mural in the Shape of a Tree

Decorate your Wall with a Mural in the Shape of a Tree

A white wall can become a great white canvas to express your creativity. And if you don’t believe it, today we bring you a DIY to prove it to you: we teach you how to paint a beautiful mural of a tree that will accompany your most extraordinary photographs.

To start, you will have to mark the silhouette of a tree on the wall with a pencil. I do not care if you are not a great cartoonist. And also you can use the photo in this post to guide you and serve as a reference.

A framed photograph will place at the end of each branch. So keep this in mind when drawing the components and the number of pictures you want to remember.

Once you have a clear and well-defined silhouette of a tree, protect the floor from the wall and baseboards with plastic or protective paper and secure them with masking tape so that they do not move while you are painting.

Next, trace and paint the thickest parts of the tree silhouette with a layer of black TITAN Unilak Multi surfaces with a medium brush. And for the more nuanced features, like the ends of the branches and also leaves, use a small brush that allows you to define the silhouette precisely.

If the wall were a color other than white, consider giving it a second coat so that the black well define on the wall.

To finish, you will only have to place a framed photograph at the end of each branch, as far as possible, in a black frame that matches the tree.