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What is Vegan Diet?

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Vegan Diet has been an upward trend in recent years worldwide. If we talk about Spain, the figure is increasing; almost 8% of Spaniards have decided to lead a vegan lifestyle. It means that 3.6 million Spaniards base their diet on products of plant origin.

So we can say that it shows and feels that veganism is unstoppable!

At Myprotein, we want to contribute and give voice to the vegan cause; that’s why we’ve created a list of the 20 most influential vegan blogs.

We have carefully selected these vegan blogs because their owners are active in motivating, inspiring, and discovering readers with practical tips and recipes about this altruistic lifestyle.

Top 12 Vegan Diet Blogs

The order of the blogs is entirely random. It is simply a list of the 20 vegan blogs we found most special.

1. Vegaffinity

Vegaffinity is the meeting point for many Spanish-speaking vegans. More than a blog, it is an entire vegan community with many recipes and tips, where you will find extensive nutritional information on countless foods. It is also a medium where you will solve all your questions about vegan food.

2. Begin Vegan Begun

One fine day, Aída, an Asturian based in Madrid, decided to create this fantastic blog of vegan recipes. In it, she lovingly shares her creations, ideas, and culinary experiments. You can also see how good she is at cooking in her video recipes.

3. CreatiVegan

Vegan chef Virginia has a blog with a special section for beginners in this lifestyle, in which she talks about the new products you will start using in the kitchen. Her recipes are all amazing.

4. Dance of Stoves

This fantastic blog is born from the illusion of a couple who decided to do their bit for the betterment of the planet and the animals. On the blog, you can find many vegan recipes with simple ingredients available to everyone. We are passionate about the taste that these vegan bloggers make everything.

5. The Vegan Casserole

This friendly yoga practitioner changed her diet and lifestyle for a much healthier and more balanced one. Her blog shows you recipes, advice, and the natural products you can get each season.

6. Innocent

The vegetarian food blog is the work of a mom who teaches you how to prepare delicious vegetarian dishes. She also talks about motherhood, feeding babies, and a sustainable lifestyle without neglecting fashion.

7. My Vegetarian Life

If you go through Eulalia’s blog, you will find many vegetarian recipes, nutrition advice, fitness, and recommendations on restaurants or vegan books. Also, a guide to eating a vegetarian dish beyond our borders.

8. Vegan Snack

Vegan Diet

Besides sharing her healthy lifestyle, this vegan mouth is also a mother. Her blog shows you vegan recipes for everyday life and the little ones in the house.

9. A Vegan around the World

Jenny is a vegan girl at heart with a traveling soul. So on her blog, you can follow her to all corners of the planet and discover the fantastic vegan recipes that exist with her. In addition, she gives you culinary and beauty tips and talks about the importance of sustainable development.

10. Cilantro and Citronella

In the vegan blogosphere, this Canadian based in Spain is an eminence. She shares her awesome vegan and also vegetarian creations on her beautiful blog, which is all the more delicious.

11. Nutrition is the New Black

This nutritionist with a master’s degree in eating disorders and obesity has an interesting blog in which, in a very professional way, she gives us countless tips, debunks myths, and shares her vegetarian recipes.

12. Moose Apron

Luis and Cris are a couple of vegan bloggers who make us fall in love with their recipes on this blog. Vegan recipes, some more straightforward for day-to-day and others more elaborate to treat yourself, but with a lot of variation to choose from. This couple has already collaborated with Myprotein with this fantastic and delicious Vegan Cheesecake recipe, and you can’t miss it!