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What is Sofa Set?

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Sofa Set: If a single part of furniture consumes the capability to define the style of existing personal space, that piece would be the sofa. Presented in various types — with different functions — a couch can be functional or fanciful, period or modern, single or sectional. In each instance, as an autograph object, the sofa defines the space in which it sits.

7 Types of Sofa Set

Are you looking for a New Sofa? We know that the choice can be difficult, considering the large number of types of sofa that exist. Modern, classic, velvet, wood we could go on and on!

For this reason, today we want to leave you some options thinking about different styles and needs; indeed, there is one perfect for you.

Minimalist Sofa

Are you looking for a sofa that goes with your minimalist decoration? So, opt for one with straight, simple, and organic lines, whose details are minimal, both in its structure and tapestry.

He prefers neutral colors, such as beige or gray; They will be ideal for a clean decoration, where the amplitude is the true protagonist.

A minimalist sofa, in addition, is usually low in height and, if it does not go directly to the ground, has short, thin legs that separate it from it.

Sofa for Small Spaces

Small spaces require a small sofa. The best will be one with two bodies and simple lines.

  • Avoid substantial and ostentatious furniture since it will visually saturate your living room and make it look even more cramped.
  • The good idea is to choose those with legs that separate them from the ground among all the sofa types. Ideally, they should be thin and made of light wood.
  • I prefer light fabrics such as linen for the tapestry in soft colors that bring freshness and light to the environment.
  • You can add color and design with some cushions that reflect all your style and personality.

Wooden Sofa

The wooden base sofas are traditional and with a lot of character. They usually look great in large living rooms since they tend to be significant.

The wood is dark in its most classic versions and has many details, especially in the arms and legs. You can find simpler designs in modern alternatives, but they are just as elegant.

The cushions are usually very soft and large,  made of thick, smooth, and patterned fabrics. You can also find wooden sofas with capitonné upholstery, with decorative buttons on the back. An absolute classic!

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Vintage Sofa

If we talk about vintage sofas, we can find several options. For example, the sonic-style classics round in shape, without cushions, and have long, angled legs. They are usually light and small, so they are ideal for a living room of a few square meters or as a complement to a bedroom.

We can also find modern vintage or mid-century style sofas, a classic from the 50s.

Its design is simple, elegant, and functional, with straight lines and deep and vibrant colors such as blue, mustard, or terracotta.

Finally, an English classic goes very well in industrial settings: the chesterfield sofa. It is an iconic decoration piece, ubiquitous in its worn leather versions and velvety tapestries. If you are looking for a leading sofa, this is yours.

Nordic Sofa

If yours is more about creating light and new environments and functional and stylish, then a Nordic sofa may be what you are looking for.

This type of sofa characterize by a straightforward, stylized design, mixing light wood with natural fabrics. Their more “purist” versions must upholster with materials that reasonably keep the heat (remember that this style was born in northern European countries, where winters are long and cold).

Ideally, they should be in light colors, such as white or beige, as they enhance and reflect light as much as possible. Give your personal touch with colored cushions or with geometric prints. Add a thick blanket, and you have a complete look.

Velvet Sofa

Sofa Set

Elegant, glamorous, sophisticated, and even dramatic. Velvet has those characteristics that will make your living room space with many vibes and characters.

Velvet is here to stay, and every day we see it in more and more spaces, regardless of style: from classic environments through boho, Nordic, and even minimal.

The darkest colors like black, navy blue, or bottle green will be incredible in sober and severe environments, while the light tones like pink or mustard, in modern or casual spaces.

Family Sofa

Finally, if the sofa is the meeting point for the whole family, prefer a large one, which incorporates several seats and L-shaped extensions, or a pouf that you can add or remove when you need it.

  • The key is that it has comfortable cushions and that its structure is rigid enough and of quality to withstand the traffic of a large family.
  • I prefer washable fabrics in dark tones or prints for the tapestry, which camouflage possible stains or wear.

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