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What is a Hanging Egg Chair?

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A hanging egg chair has many names. Some names we have heard throughout our travels include: egg chair, ball chair, pod chair, basket chair, even basket swing, and this list goes on. Most of these variations can use interchangeably to mean the same thing.

Most people turn off when they first hear that their hanging egg or chair make of synthetic material. A hanging egg chair is precisely that. A chair hangs from the ceiling/support beam from a bracket designed for use with hanging chairs. Traditionally, hanging chairs make from woven cane. These days, we see almost all hanging chairs made of synthetic rattan, commonly called PE cane.

PE Rattan is Advanced to Herbal Rattan in many Aspects:

  • PE rattan is solid and likely to rip or break even after years of use.
  • Herb rattan can fall victim to mold or mildew after being exposed to water. It weakens and eventually breaks the rattan. It is a hundred% waterproof.
  • You protect in contradiction of UV rays. PE rattan can be left external for years and shows no sun damage.
  • Non-abrasive. PE rattan is artful to touch and will never chip.

If you can no longer have your beautiful egg chair for some strange reason, you must get rid of it. As a bonus, PE rattan is 100% ecological. (very likely percent).

PE rattan also looks like natural rattan, so we get all the benefits of synthetic rattan combined with the herbal charm of traditional rattan.

Although the materials can make, the process rarely is. Today, a very high percentage of PE rattan wicker is entirely handmade! It means that your hanging chair, in its way, is unique. Pretty remarkable, right?

It is something we love about our hanging chairs. In our book, handmade always beat machines.

Hanging egg chairs are often sold as an all-in-one package with a bracket designed to turn an egg/pod/ball/carrier head.

The Stands that are Used to Care for these Hanging Chairs Take a Standard that utmost Follow:

  • They make aluminum; although they can be large, they are still light and easy to move.
  • They are powder coated, which means they have cover with a fine powder of ground particles consisting of pigment and resin. This powder electrostatically spray onto the support. The charged powder particles adhere to the support surface until heated and fused in a curing oven. The result is a consistent, durable, and magnificent finish. Powder coating can be applied using many colors.
  • After being coated, they are resistant to water and UV rays. Ready to challenge whatever the weather may throw at it.

Although initially, its design was a piece of indoor furniture. Reading above, you can probably conjecture that these days hanging chairs rule the realm of l. A. House and outdoor garden. Although they usually find it in backyards, many people these days live in apartments or don’t have access to a backyard. Recently, we have noticed that more customers buy not only for their garden but also for their balcony and living room.

Hanging egg chair sizes may vary. Because of its popularity, it design to comfortably fit one adult (sometimes two) with their legs bent or dangling.

They Make it with Everyone in Mind

The Quatropi Hanging Egg Chair is the perfect addition to your garden, creating a true sense of luxury and style. The seat hangs from a ceiling bracket with a strong chain that provides excellent support for heavier people (up to 190kg on our double hanging chairs, that’s more than double what other models can handle!) back and forth as if hovering in the air. Chains can adjust to change HP. A. The height of angel chair is a suitable height for the user, and a lower seat is better for small children or pets who cannot climb into the egg chair if it is too high off the ground.

 Its Creative Design Offers a Unique Way to Relax

A comfortable seat is a seat that is padded and contoured to fit the body. Promotes good posture and provides support where needed most without restricting movement or adding pressure points that can cause discomfort or pain. Our hanging chairs offer support where you need it with luxurious upholstery that lends itself to it. A. A sensation of weightlessness when sitting and relaxing.

They will be the Vital Part of any Open Space

One of the reasons we love this type of garden furniture is that it can quickly transform a garden into a stylish retreat. As soon as you install a new chair, your garden will instantly become the perfect place to relax or receive guests.

They are also Good for Small Yards and Gardens

Hanging Egg Chair

Hanging chairs are perfect for people with limited space on their property but still looking to add a PC. They do not take up much space, so they are great for small spaces! From style and class to your gardens.

If you have a small patio or doorway and are looking for a way to update it, consider adding a garden hanging egg chair. These gorgeous outdoor furniture pieces make your space feel cozier and more comfortable. They are also great for small spaces because they don’t take up much floor space, so you can easily place this type of chair in any outdoor area without worrying about available space.

They are Easy to Set Up and Maintain!

Many of us will be looking to expand our outdoor living space with the summer months approaching. But often, when it comes to garden furniture, we are forced to choose between comfort and style. Luckily, garden hanging egg chairs are here to give us the best of both worlds. The hanging egg chair will add character and personality to your garden, plus it’s straightforward to install.

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