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Guide on Types of Women’s Platform Heels

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Guide to Heel Types

Women’s Platform Heels: In current fashion, there are about ten types of heels, and if we were to count other eras as well, there would probably be even more.

We show you the ones on the market, so you can name the next high-heeled shoes you want.

High-Heeled Shoes

High-heeled shoes are those that are more than 7 cm high.

They stylize the figure, especially the legs, and they will significantly help if you have short legs.

They are better to wear with long dresses and, above all, if you do not have to walk a lot, which could cause several days of tendinitis.

Shoes with  Stiletto  Or Stiletto Heels

Shoes with a stiletto heel are those over 9 cm high and differ from the previous ones because their heel is thinner, which gives them their name.

They cannot be missing in a sexy outfit. The inconvenient? You can’t wear them for a long time because they are very uncomfortable.

Medium Heel Shoes

Mid-heeled shoes are the most common heels in boots, ankle boots, sandals, and other shoes that can be worn daily.

It all depends on the stylishness of the shoes. They measure less than 7 cm and have an average height. Actuality is more comfortable than high heels; you can wear them daily to work, on an informal outing with friends, or at a party.

Low-Heeled Shoes

Low-heeled shoes are very comfortable, appropriate for going to work, and if you have to walk a certain distance.

Some people prefer these heels to flat shoes because they are easy to get used to.

Women’s Platform Heels

Women's Platform Heels

Platform high-heeled shoes are those that, in addition to the heel, have elevation in the front part of the sole.

Thus, they are more comfortable and still elegant. They are ideal if you want to take advantage of the aesthetic advantages of high heels, but if you want to go out dancing, you need to walk or stand for a while.

Kitten Heeled Shoes

Kitten-heeled shoes stand out because the heel is low but thin as a needle.

Made famous by Audrey Hepburn, their heels are between 1.5 and 5 cm long and have a slight curve when joining the shoe.

Thus, it is ideal if you have to dress formally at work, but you do not want to give up comfort since they avoid the fatigue caused by high heels.

Cone Women’s Platform Heels Shoes

Cone-heeled shoes are high heels, but they differ from these in that they are shaped like a cone, as the name suggests.

It is an alternative to take advantage of the stylizing effects of high heels without giving up some comfort.

Square Heel Shoes

Square heels are chunky like platform shoes but without the front platform.

Their heel is not very suitable for formal attire, although they wildly embellish the foot and stylize the figure.

Also for night outings and combined with more elegant dresses, like the CATCHALOT 27915 gold sandals.

An excellent idea for a casual outing is to combine black block heel sandals and a romantic flowery dress.

Wedge Shoes

Wedge shoes stand out because they continuously occupy the sole’s entire surface, providing stability. They are very suitable shoes if you want to add a few centimeters to your height without sacrificing comfort.

Nowadays, they are very versatile: winter shoes with wedge heels look as good with a suit with a  blazer as skinny jeans.

And wedge sandals look great with a short dress or flared skirt on a summer day.

Cuban Heeled Shoes

Cuban -heeled shoes stand out because they are medium-low and thick, very similar to the square, only it is somewhat wider at the sole than at the base.

You will often see it in sandals, like our Repo Phil Gatiér 47119 model, which is very comfortable for walking and has a sophisticated touch, ideal for summer nights.

You will also see it in ankle boots, where it is an excellent option to go comfortable to work or to star in informal outings around the city.

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