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Skin Care Routines For Beginners

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Are you starting to take care of your skin? At Missfarma, we are with you! In today’s post, we want to help you clarify your doubts about daily beauty routines and what products to use, depending on your skin type.

Skin Care Routines – When it comes to skincare routines, these can vary in difficulty, so first of all, you should familiarize yourself with all the treatments and products and know which ones you should apply to your skin. It is best to start with the essential medicines for the daily routine.

The first step is to know our skin type, what products we should buy that suit our kind, and start using them.

Although external agents are essential and act differently on the skin, usually, the skin is dry, oily, mixed, and average. You will also find sensitive skin products that need other ingredients.

If you have sensitive skin, you should pay close attention when applying a product and observe the reaction. Care must be taken because even environmental factors can affect this skin type.

Once you know your skin type, we can start looking for the products that are best for it. Ensure that the ingredients in the product work well on your skin (especially that it does not contain excess oil if your skin is oily or some alcohol that is not recommended for sensitive skin).

Step 1. Clean

If you do not know the order in which the products have to be applied, keep reading, and we will explain it: First of all and most importantly, a good cleaning of the face to eliminate impurities and prepare it to receive subsequent treatments.

Step 2. Serum

Skin Care Routines

After cleansing, you should apply the serum, which will melt entirely on your skin and provide it with the necessary vitamins.

Step 3. Eye Contour + Moisturizer

Then you must apply the eye cream to reduce expression lines, and lastly, and also very relevant, is to use a moisturizer on your skin.

All the steps mentioned above will become part of your daily routine. Cleaning the face should be done in the morning and at night. In your weekly way, it is mandatory to use an exfoliant once or twice a week, not daily.

Here are some products that will make your daily and weekly routine effortless. Try them!

For cleansing the face, we suggest three gels to achieve smooth, impurity-free skin:  Vichy Normaderm Gel, especially suitable for oily skin. Bioderma sensible cleansing gel, perfect for sensitive skin, and Nuxe Aroma Perfection, without soap, for all skin types.

We suggest the Bioderma Hydrabio Serum for sensitive skin, which provides hydration and softness to the skin and minimizes the risk of allergies. Bioderma offers another serum for combination/oily skin: Bioderma Sebium Serum. Caudalie Premier Cru Eyes cares for, tightens, and illuminates the eye contour area.

Among all the moisturizing creams, we recommend Nuxe Fraiche moisturizing cream, ideal for combination skin that wants 24-hour hydration. If you have dry skin and like additional hydration, try Vichy Aqualia moisturizing cream.

For gentle exfoliation, once or twice a week, we present a Martiderm exfoliant:  it removes impurities, thoroughly cleanses the pores, and renews the layers of the skin.

Now you can start your daily routines to achieve smooth skin, free of imperfections and perfect!

To Avoid Dry Skin in Winter, Take Note of these Easy Tips!

If you want to Avoid Dry Skin, Hydrate it in Winter as follows:

Before moisturizing your skin, you must perform a deep facial cleansing: that is the first step of any skincare routine! Please use our Micellar Water first, followed by Mary Kay Naturally™ Purifying Cleanser. In the morning, as you get up, cleansing will help you eliminate the excess sebum that your skin generates while you sleep. And at night, when you go to bed, by cleaning your face, you will be able to eliminate the remains of makeup 100%. So your skin will be ready to be hydrated, following the three keys that we detail here:

  • After morning facial cleansing, a day was moisturizing cream.
  • At night, resort to a moisturizing cream that nourishes your skin while you sleep
  • Do you have two or three free moments a week? If so, dedicate them to yourself.

To Avoid Dry Skin in Winter, Remember: you need to Get Rid of Dead Skin cells Periodically!

Remember to exfoliate your skin at least once a week ( as explained in this blog post ). And for this, a facial scrub is the most effective way since it will allow you to regenerate skin cells, stimulate microcirculation in the facial area, and pay attention; with a scrub, you will leave your skin very prepared to absorb moisturizing creams and serums, eliminating dryness more effectively. Use the facial scrub that you prefer: either a physical one (it requires a facial massage to obtain the desired effect) or a chemical one (it will only be necessary to spread it, without the need for a massage, along the face).

Don’t Forget the Lips, Hands and Other Essential Parts of the Body

  • When avoiding dry skin on the lips in Winter, you must heal it and then protect it daily.
  • As for the skin of the hands
  • And the elbows and the cuticles of the fingers?

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