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Gorgeous Nauvari Sarees on Maharashtrian Brides that We Loved!

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Nauvari Sarees: Marathi weddings have a one-of-a-kind vibe together with other weddings. There is more excellent color, more traditions, and the maximum unique component – precise nauvari sarees to look at!

Traditionally, Marathi brides put on nauvari sarees on their wedding day. There are various draping styles that you may choose while sporting sarees. The kaashtha or nauvari saree is a style of saree draping that may be very similar to how the Maharashtrian dhoti is worn. The phrase kaashtha refers to the nauvari sarees being tucked on the back. Since the nauvari saree is generally worn using an available 9-yard fabric, it’s also known as the nauvari saree; it technically means 9 yards. The origin of the nauvari sarees came into being during the Maratha rule. It is stated that during the Maratha rule, ladies had been entrusted to help their fellow male warriors. To facilitate smooth motion, Maharashtrian women introduced the nauvari sarees, which resembled male trousers.

In Marathi weddings, brides usually wear nauvari sarees as wedding ceremony sarees while the rituals take location. It’s additionally accompanied through a shell (silk stole or headscarf that Marathi brides take across their shoulders and fingers with a nauvari saree). Most Marathi brides don yellow/mango-colored nauvari sarees by lifestyle, but now brides wear exclusive shades to mark their happy days. Want to peer all of the distinctive sorts of Marathi brides wearing nauvari sarees? We were given a list of 20+ beautiful nauvari wedding sarees which have our hearts!

Let’s show you some of the most breathtaking Navari Looks that might inspire you to plan your bridal look.

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Indigo & Red Navari Saree

Fan of shiny contrasts? Then this mixture of Indigo with blood crimson could be perfect for your Navari look. Pair this Navari saree with a matching purple blouse with Maggam paintings for extra sparkle. The ambitious silver Zari embroidery similarly adds oodles of glam to this outfit. You should select a silk Shela in Indigo or purple or an aggregate of each to wrap around the fingers. Wear traditional gold jewelry, which includes a gold Maang tikka.

All Purple Navari Look

A simple Navari saree seems quality if draped in a standard Marathi Dhoti style. The vast pale crimson and golden border offers this saree a diffused yet edgy evaluation. And a pink Navari is one of the most popular coloration selections. Wrap a Shela or a Marathi silk dupatta in a bottle inexperienced with golden embroidered borders around your fingers for an appropriate touch.

Navy Blue Navari Saree with White Blouse

Combining an astonishing Navari saree in military blue with a soft white shirt creates a magical effect for you! The trace of orange alongside the Pallu brings out the colors even more vividly. The glossy silver threadwork at the borders goes brilliantly with the elegant silver jewelry that this bride opted for—especially the silver Payal, the intricate silver lengthy necklaces, and silver bangles. Decorate your hair bun with white flora for the whole Navari appearance!

Mustard & Green Navari Saree

If you are looking for a traditional Navari look in Maharashtrian fashion, you ought to have mustard and a green saree! This color combination is one of the signature varieties of the Marathi bridal style. The fiery mustard and the deep green make this the proper choice for your wedding day. Sport a closely embroidered shirt in inexperienced with golden stonework might decorate your appearance. Don’t neglect the Mudavalya, the Nathni, gold Jhumka earrings, and gold & green bangles. Carry a warm red Shela with gold embroidery and opt for regular Marathi make-up for the real deal!

Royal Blue & Magenta Navari Saree

Up the grace element to your Navari look with this outstanding aggregate. The elegance of blue and the vibrancy of magenta create pleasant stability of colors. The soft comparison of military blue and magenta works flawlessly for brides who want to make a declaration without saying a good deal! If you wish to subtlety, opt for a golden Shela that would fit with the saree’s golden border. Gold Rani haar, massive Maang tikka without chain and red lips would make you appear like a dream!

Mustard & Gold Navari Saree

A mustard Navari is a widespread desire, and you could never pass incorrectly with it. The fiery mustard coloration screams cheerfulness and party! The slight trace of mauve along the border with silver thread embroidery work gives an extra part to the look. Choose a coordinated Shela in mauve and deliver it on one shoulder, well-pleated. Keep your jewelry to the lighter side so as not to conflict with the fantastic saree coloration- mild Maang tikka and a gold collar or choker necklace in conjunction with Jhumkas.

Pink & Black Saree

Nauvari Sarees

Pick this saree in case you’re open to trying some unconventional Navari saree shades! If you are aiming for a Navari look that might steal every show, we suggest this smashing combo! The mild gold jewelry.

Confine your Navari look to the traditional hues like mustard, green, pink, or cross for a current touch combination like black, mauve, and blue-white! In any case, the sheer grandeur of the Navari saree might do 1/2 the task achieved for you. Look for lovely blouse designs to go along with your drape. Learn new draping styles while retaining the Marathi Dhoti style intact. Incorporate the best of both worlds via developing combined stability of traditions, and current style picks.

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