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Makeup can Boost Mental Health

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How to take Advantage of the Cosmetic Routine and Makeup to Improve our Mental Health?

Makeup can Boost Mental Health – It is clear from the survey on the physical self-perception of women carried out by the My Top Beauty cosmetics and beauty center assessment platform. Almost a third of Spanish women (27.3%) consider that they have learned to take advantage of what they believe to be their “weak points” through clothing and Makeup. Not only that: 43.6% of them like and accept themselves as they are, compared to 14.4% who are not comfortable with their appearance.

How we see ourselves in front of the mirror affects our mental health. As the psychologist  Pilar Guerra puts it, “it influences us to the point of totally blocking us, and entering into selective attention, which is a cognitive distortion, a distorted idea of reality, which is known as dysmorphia phobia.”  That obsession with an aspect that we do not like can be distorted and exaggerated. “This perception brings to thought and, through language, distorted thoughts are generated that become generally negative emotions, of anguish, giving rise to obsessive behaviors,” continues Guerra.

Fixation on a ‘defect’ can also enter into a vicious circle. Pilar Conde, psychologist and technical director of  Clínicas Origen, explains: «The appearance and mood are constant feedback. If we are happy or sad, it reflects on our faces. The days that we do not look good usually coincide that we have not rested enough because we have concerns, so seeing our expression, which is still a reflection of how we feel, can affect our mood ».

Cosmetics, both recognized, can serve as a tool to tackle these problems. “Personal care brings us back to our center,” concedes Guerra. Judging by the data exposed at the beginning, the Spanish seems to have it clear. Here are some instructions on how to benefit from our toiletry bag to improve our mental health.

Choose the Time and Place Well

For these rituals to be effective in the mind, total concentration on them is required. Therefore, when and where become relevant. “A good moment starts the day’s deceleration when we get home and get comfortable,” says Conde. “Or before going to bed.”

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The chosen site must also be delicious. “Better a quiet and comfortable place, with easy access to the material we use, the process is comfortable for us.”

Stimulate Your Senses

Cosmetics act on the senses, especially touch and smell. “It’s a way of connecting with ourselves,” says Guerra. For Conde, “perform the ritual with the recommended massages and enjoy them.”

Many firms give guidelines to apply their cosmetics with different movements. With them, the circulation and the senses stimulate, relaxing the mind. Shiseido also has aromatherapy at the center of its treatments. Consuelo Mohedano, training director, guides her consumers to smell the product before spreading it. “Bring the palms of your hand close to your nose and fill yourself with its fragrance.”

Set Realistic Goals

The large groups never tire of repeating it: a cosmetic will never be as effective as an aesthetic treatment or a surgical operation. When we resort to them, we must be aware of their limitations. Thus, they will cover the deficiency that we detect that our skin has effectively. “The need leads to the desire to do it, and in the desire are placed realistic expectations to fulfill them. If those expectations meet, they will generate relaxation in us,” says Guerra.

Never Leave Her

This query link to the previous one. If there is a need, we will meet it. The products are effective if their use maintains over time. And this habit provides more than a better appearance of the skin. “It provides self-discipline, gives rise to observable effects, empowers self-management, and generates psychological well-being,” says Guerra. “To maintain order and balance, the beauty routine can be part of a behavioral pattern, which comes naturally, almost automatically,” Conde advises against skipping it even for a day. “It’s important to do them even if we don’t feel like it.”

Don’t Turn Makeup into an Obsession

The two experts agree that color cosmetics can significantly improve self-perception. «Makeup enters the world of the sensory and the senses, among other things, because it improves the physical appearance, it produces a visible change that highlights beauty. And when we see ourselves better, this is shown in our attitude towards the world because it reinforces self-esteem,” explains Guerra. She would even recommend a makeup course to reinforce the beauty that each one possesses.

Makeup can Boost Mental Health

However, they warn of the need to exercise caution. “The difference lies in whether I wear makeup because I like it and I look better that way, or if, on the contrary, if I don’t wear it, I don’t feel safe, which could cause me some anxiety,” says Conde. In this second case, the solution would be to work on self-esteem rather than resort to Makeup. Guerra raises a question, which we must honestly ask ourselves: «’If we ran out of makeup, to what extent does makeup undermine our self-confidence and our freedom of action?’ The problem is breaking the balance. And the balance broke when we selectively over-attend this world of self-care, ignoring that we are entering a dependency and addiction.”


it is an essential and effective tool. As Conde puts it, «self-care reverts to emotional well-being, at all levels, how I talk to myself, if I can forgive myself and be compassionate with myself and how I take care of my body. As long as removing it does not generate anxiety and insecurity problems, everyone has to find their aesthetic and emotional well-being in the way they like.

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