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How Old is Peach – The Character in the Mario Movie

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How Old is Peach – Princess Peach, the iconic character from the Mario video game franchise, is set to make her cinematic debut in the upcoming animated “Super Mario Bros.” movie. Created by Shigeru Miyamoto, Princess Peach is a beloved and timeless character known for her regal presence and classic damsel-in-distress role. While her age is not explicitly mentioned in the games, she is typically portrayed as a young adult, and her age varies slightly depending on the specific tournament or adaptation. Princess Peach is known as a central figure in the Mario universe for her grace, kindness, and recurring role as the object of Mario’s heroic quests, adding a touch of royalty to the whimsical and colorful world of the Mushroom Kingdom.

How Old is Princess Peach?

The exact age of Princess Peach in the Mario series is not explicitly stated in the games, and Nintendo has not officially confirmed her age. However, based on her characterization and role in the series, she is generally perceived as a young adult or in her late teens to early twenties. Her age can vary slightly depending on the specific game or adaptation. Princess Peach is the benevolent ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and is often portrayed as mature and responsible, which aligns with the idea of her being an adult. Ultimately, her age is open to interpretation and can vary in different variations of the Mario universe.

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Who is Older Mario or Peach?

Princess Peach is typically portrayed as older than Mario in the Mario series. While the exact ages of the characters are not explicitly mentioned in the games, it is implied through various sources and contexts. Princess Peach is often depicted as a ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, suggesting a level of maturity and responsibility. On the other hand, Mario is usually seen as a heroic plumber who embarks on adventures to rescue Princess Peach. This age difference is consistent with the dynamic of Mario being the hero coming to the aid of Princess Peach. Who is often portrayed as needing rescue.

Does Mario Have a Girlfriend?

In the Mario franchise, Mario’s primary romantic interest is Princess Peach. While they are not explicitly labeled as boyfriend and girlfriend, their relationship is central to many Mario games. Mario often embarks on adventures to rescue Peach from the clutches of the main rival, Bowser. Their relationship is portrayed as affectionate, and Mario’s heroic efforts to save her underscore their close bond. Some games hint at a romantic connection, but the series typically keeps their relationship more focused on heroism and friendship. Additionally, there are spin-off games and media adaptations where Mario’s interactions with Peach may vary.

Does Peach Married Mario?

In the Super Mario video games, Princess Peach and Mario have a close relationship but are not married. Bowser often kidnaps Peach, and Mario rescues her. They have also worked together on many adventures. However, there is no evidence that they have ever gotten married.

In the Super Mario Odyssey video game, Mario proposes to Peach, but she rejects him. It suggests that Peach is not interested in marrying Mario at this time.

Peach and Mario may eventually get married in future Super Mario games. However, for now, they are just close friends and allies.

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Who Voices Princess Peach in The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

In the upcoming “Super Mario Bros.” animated movie, Princess Peach is voiced by American actress Anya Taylor-Joy. Anya Taylor-Joy is known for her versatile acting skills and has gained recognition for her roles in various films and television series. She joins the star-studded cast, which includes Chris Pratt as Mario, Charlie Day as Luigi, and Jack Black as Bowser, among others. The movie, set to be released in late 2022, marks the first time many of these iconic characters from the Mario franchise will be voiced in an animated feature film, generating significant excitement among fans and film enthusiasts alike.

How Old is Peach in the Games?

Princess Peach’s age is not explicitly mentioned or confirmed in the Mario video game series. Nintendo has not provided specific details about her age in the games. Princess [Peach] is often portrayed as a young adult or in her late teens to early twenties, based on her character design and role as the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. However, her age is not a prominent aspect of her character in the games, primarily focusing on gameplay and adventure rather than detailed character backgrounds. As a result, Princess Peach’s age remains open to interpretation and may vary in different adaptations and media.

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Meet The Super Mario Bros. Movie Voice Cast

The Super Mario Bros. movie boasts an impressive voice cast featuring a blend of established stars and talented newcomers. The main types and their voice actors include:

  1. Mario: Chris Pratt
  2. Luigi: Charlie Day
  3. Princess Peach: Anya Taylor-Joy
  4. Bowser: Jack Black
  5. Toad: Keegan-Michael Key
  6. Donkey Kong: Seth Rogen
  7. Cranky Kong: Fred Armisen
  8. Kamek: Kevin Michael Richardson
  9. Spike: Sebastian Maniscalco

This ensemble of actors brings Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom companions to life in an animated adventure that promises a delightful cinematic experience. With such a diverse and talented cast, the Super Mario Bros. movie generates immense excitement among fans and moviegoers.


The age of Princess Peach as a character in the Mario movie remains undisclosed, much like in the video game series. In various adaptations, Princess Peach is traditionally portrayed as a young adult or in her late teens to early twenties. However, the character’s exact age isn’t a focal point in the franchise, which prioritizes gameplay and adventure. While specific details about her age may not be available. What truly matters is the enduring charm and regal grace that Princess Peach brings to the Mushroom Kingdom, making her a beloved and iconic character in the world of video games and, now, animated cinema.

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