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The Importance of having a Healthy and Lovely Smile

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The healthy smile is our cover letter, which is why it is said that between 45% and 50% of people will first notice the smile of the person in front of them. In addition, it is scientifically proven that a mouth with teeth in poor condition, with tartar on the teeth and periodontal disease, has a high relationship with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, among others. For all this, we must try to have a healthy mouth and a healthy and aesthetically beautiful smile.

How to Properly Brush your Mouth?

  • Brushing at least three times a day
  • Manual or electric brush with a small head that allows us access to difficult areas
  • Exchange of cepillo or cabezal every three months
  • tongue cleaning
  • Use of dental floss, interproximal brushes, and mouthwash

Tips for a Healthy Mouth

DIET: a balanced, sugar-free diet will help keep the bacteria that cause tooth decay at bay.

Avoid Harmful Habits: avoid as much as possible putting foreign bodies in your mouth, biting your nails, smoking, alcohol, and using your teeth to open objects. These things harm our bacterial flora. They can stain our teeth and even damage them.

Position Of The Teeth: The correct position of the teeth directly influences the aesthetics of our smile and health. Well-aligned teeth within the arch allow us a proper occlusion to chew better and more comfortably and promotes better brushing that prevents the appearance of cavities and tartar that disfigure the smile.

Annual Review: Carrying out a yearly visit to the dentist will allow us to keep our mouth in perfect condition and detect any pathology at an early stage; at this stage, the treatments are more straightforward and more conservative.

It is essential to remember that a beautiful and healthy smile transmits an image of well-being to others.

Young and Healthy Smile Daily

Healthy Smile

From a very young age, we must follow a complete oral hygiene routine to have a healthy smile. Moreover, if you like to take care of yourself, you must remember that the mouth is not just another part of your body. It is the gateway to your overall health. It is shown that oral health is closely related to systemic health. Therefore, even if you enjoy good oral health, you should also perform a complete oral cleaning with specialized products. Tubes of toothpaste, mouthwashes, and brushes will help you keep it intact and protect it.

It is the case, for example, of the GUM® ActiVital® line. Its innovative antiplaque and antibacterial system is very effective and does not compromise our long-term oral health. The paste and the mouthwash contain Coenzyme Q10 and pomegranate extract, effective antioxidants. Thanks to them, they help preserve oral tissue from the attack of free radicals produced by bacteria in our mouth.

On the other hand, the combination of ginger and bisabolol strengthens teeth and gums. Some studies show that they help prevent the first signs of gingivitis, such as bleeding or irritation.

As for the toothbrush, professionals always recommend choosing one with soft bristles. Choose a sonic brush for greater efficiency and to remove up to 50% more plaque! In this way, we will take care of the health of the gums without damaging them.

Keep Sensitivity at Bay

Is summer coming, and refreshing yourself with ice cream, lemonade, or a slush gives you sharp pains in your teeth? Sensitivity can spoil the Happiest Day of the Year and what would be a summer 10.

What can I do if I have projection sensitivity? There are many solutions for sensitive teeth and gums. It would help if you always chose those that do not contain harsh ingredients and offer quick relief from sensitivity.

The first thing is to choose a toothbrush with ultra-soft bristles. Use it with a double-action toothpaste, which acts on the nerve to desensitize and seal the dentin tubule. Dentin is the central portion of the tooth, where the nerve endings are located and, when exposed, causes that characteristic sharp pain. GUM SensiVital®+ toothpaste offers fast relief from sensitivity. In just three days, use it twice a day.

For interdental cleaning, use a soft rubber interdental stick that fits the space between the teeth. Lastly, rinse with a potassium nitrate mouthwash for extra long-term tooth protection. GUM SensiVital + rinse lasts up to 12 hours after application.

Don’t let Gum Problems Stop you from Smiling

Gum problems often prevent us from smiling due to embarrassment, discomfort, or pain. But there are no excuses on the Happiest Day of the Year, so smile!

Bacterial plaque accumulates on the tooth surface, in the interdental area, and below the gum line. It is necessary to remove it properly and daily to keep our teeth and gums in good condition. If not done correctly, it can lead to gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease.

Its Symptoms are, among others:

  • Redness of the gums
  • Swelling
  • receding gums
  • Bleeding when brushing

What can you do if you reflect you have gingivitis? This mild form of gum disease is reversible. So you have to opt for the right solutions.

Choose a paste and mouthwash with chlorhexidine, an effective antiseptic that removes plaque and prevents its reappearance. You can choose the GUM PAROEX® 0.06% maintenance line among the GUM solutions. They will give you a more comprehensive analysis and personalized guidelines tailored to your particular needs. Use it for two weeks and visit the dentist if the symptoms do not reverse.

Combine this range with a toothbrush that ensures proper access below the gum line!

Remember that if gingivitis is not treated in time, it can lead to periodontitis, the most severe form of periodontal disease. This infection could result in the loss of the tooth, in addition to complicating other systemic diseases.

A Beautiful Smile goes through Naturally White Teeth

At GUM, we always say that a healthy smile is always beautiful. But it is true that sometimes and as a result of the years or the consumption of certain foods, stains appear on the teeth. These stains on your teeth can be unsightly, but they can be removed if you know what solutions to use.

The GUM Original White range is designed to remove stains on teeth and restore natural white gently. GUM Original White toothpaste contains microparticles that allow surface stains to be separated from enamel irregularities. And therefore, they can be dissolved and eliminated.

The GUM Original White mouthwash preserves the natural white while keeping the gums toned and firm. It achieves this thanks to the advanced anti-spot solution formulated with vitamins, antioxidants, and allantoin.

In addition, the combination of fluoride and Isomalt provides effective remineralization for stronger and brighter teeth.