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Diet for Lose Weight: How to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

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Diet for Weight Loss: Weight loss is a decrease in body weight resulting from voluntary (diet, exercise) or involuntary (illness) circumstances. Most instances of weight loss arise due to body fat loss, but in extreme or severe weight loss, protein and other bodily substances can also be depleted.

Diet for Lose Weight: How to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), almost 40% of the adult population is overweight. That means more than 2 billion people have, or are at risk of becoming, obese. Hence the importance of diets to lose weight.

When starting a diet, it is necessary to know all the details to achieve the objectives. Health experts give excellent advice, which we should all know.

How to Start a Diet for Weight Loss?

Before starting a healthy diet to lose weight, it is necessary to remember why you will do it. Some do it for visual reasons, and others for health. Having a well-defined cause for doing the diet will help you not give up on it at any time.

To start the diet, specific measures must be taken. We are going to mention some points that can surely help. All of these will benefit you because they will facilitate the process.

Change of Eating Habits for Weight Loss

The specialist (graduated in nutrition, endocrine doctor) must review the diet and see the habits. It is essential to change certain behaviors about our food to make a healthier diet.

  • Instead of eating quickly, eating more slowly and chewing each bite many times is recommended.
  • Several meals: There is no unanimity among specialists; most think it is better to eat 5-6 meals a day, avoiding a long time between one and another; they should be of a moderate quantity and always healthy products.

The Best Diet for Weight Loss in a Healthy Way

Each person has different conditions regarding one diet or another, schedules, gastronomic tastes, different cultures, illnesses, and intolerances; therefore, the diet to lose weight varies a little in each person.

However, we can point to one of the best weight-loss diets. Thanks to the American magazine US News & World Report, an authority in nutrition. For three years, he chose the Mediterranean diet as the best option to lose weight and improve health in various aspects.

A total of 25 nutrition experts have made this choice. It consists of eating the dishes prepared in the countries near the Mediterranean Sea. And these remove everything related to red meat, sugars, and saturated fats from the diet.

You don’t have to stop eating to drop weight, as some people mistakenly think. Others should replace only some high-calorie foods. This diet proves it.

This diet, also endorsed by UNESCO since 2013, includes the following among the ideal foods to lose Weight:

Diet for Weight Loss

  • Vegetables – You can add chicken, turkey, or any low-fat meat.
  • Fiber – Among these, we find all fruits, vegetables, and grains.
  • Fish – It is allowed to consume any fish as well as other shellfish.
  • Oil- It is only allowed to use olive oil when cooking.

It is essential not to exceed the amounts of protein recommended in the diet. These are 25 and 38 grams for women and men, respectively.

How many Meals should a Balanced Diet Include?

It is typical for a person to have three meals a day. However, the distance between one meal and another helps the body assimilate fats. That is why the nutritionist Julia Farré highlights the importance of eating five times daily.

Now those extra meals should be snacks. These should be distributed as follows: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, adding a meal in the middle of the morning and another in the middle of the afternoon. Other experts recommend dividing the amount of breakfast and lunch and eating into two parts.

It is not always possible to type more than three meals, and it is a tip that helps us reduce hunger and anxiety due to the time that has passed since the last meal.

How to Lose Weight rendering to Your Age?

The gain and loss of Weight is a balance; on the one hand, there is the intake, and on the other, the expense (metabolism, the expenditure for physical activity). For the diet to take effect, it is necessary to consider the speed of metabolism and the person’s age. This last information is essential because it will depend on how the diet should be followed.


Nutrition experts point out that during youth, we have a higher metabolism; it is also a time when many people have more excellent physical activity. A balanced diet is vital, as it is the way to prevent future problems such as obesity or other diseases caused by poor nutrition.

Over 40 years Old

From the age of 40, we must follow an even healthier and slightly lower-calorie diet since our basal metabolic rate is usually reduced. Protein intake is essential since our muscular parts can be reduced. Exercise and a good diet are vital to staying energized.

Other Situations

Any diet to lose Weight should be reviewed by an expert, especially when the diet is for a person with a health problem (diabetic, high cholesterol, kidney problems, hypo or hyperthyroidism). In the case of women, hormonal deviations occur with menopause that can affect, among other things, weight gain. For these reasons, carrying out the diet with a nutritionist is vital.

Not recommended Foods to Lose Weight

Any food that is not good for the body should be avoided, especially those that increase fat. Among the foods that should not be consumed are the following:

  • Fries: They do a lot of damage to the body—Harvard University associated oil consumption with infertility, among other ills.
  • Processed Cereals: The World Consumers Association advises against its consumption due to its processing and amount of sugar.
  • Fizzy Drinks: They contain excess sugar. to hydrate
  • Sausages: Eliminate from our diet, especially fatty sausages such as chorizo or salami.

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