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Clothes Adapted for People

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What is Adapted Clothing?

Clothes Adapted: Adapted Clothing has been designed for people who have to spend many hours in the same position or have movement difficulties.

In the case of wheelchair users, their straight posture makes their legs more sensitive to changes in temperature and makes them more likely to suffer from pressure ulcers and bedsores. Bedsores are painful, and although they can usually be treated and healed without too much trouble, they can sometimes reason general skin damage and central to severe infections such as sepsis (widespread infection spreading to the blood) or gangrene (death of body tissue).

In this sense, inappropriate clothing can not only affect the comfort of people who use wheelchairs, but it can also affect their health since clothes with excessive wrinkles or folds and with pronounced seams favor the appearance of these pressure ulcers. For this reason, adapted clothing is made with unique fabrics and designs.

In addition to this, there is also the added difficulty of dressing in non-adapted clothing, which on many occasions complicates this task even more.

Adapted Clothing: General Characteristics and Examples

In General, Adapted Clothing is Characterized By:

  • Being open at the back, especially shirts and sweaters.
  • Pants and skirts usually open on one side to make it easier to dress up bedridden people.
  • The openings of the adapted clothing are closed with brackets and Velcro and incorporate adjustable parts with wide elastic bands that are more comfortable for the users.
  • Adapted clothing is made with softer fabrics resistant to washing, avoiding synthetics.

Some Examples of Adapted Clothing are:

Clothes Adapted

  • Nightgowns, Protective Sheets, and Anti-Diaper Pajamas: These garments design for people with severe mobility problems or who are bedridden for long periods.
  • Raincoats for Wheelchairs: Rain can be a problem for both users and the wheelchair itself, which can  damage. Adapted raincoats have a unique cut to cover part of the wheelchair.
  • Blankets and Thermal Bags allow wheelchair users to go outside even on days with lower temperatures.
  • Adapted Pants: Designed both cut and accessories to put them on, take them off quickly, and adjust them to each user.
  • Adapted Jackets and Shirts: Tailored shirts have an open back. Outerwear such as jackets or fleeces usually has a side closure that makes it easy to put them on and take them off extra clothes.

Adapted Pants: A Matter of Comfort

Formal trousers design for standing and therefore do not meet the needs of those who want a wheelchair to get around.

For this reason, these people generally opt for wearing a tracksuit, a more comfortable type of sportswear. Luckily, some brands like Marlo Rolli Wear have designed unique and adapted pants that allow you to wear current and modern designs without giving up comfort.

Regardless of colors and tastes, the vital thing about these pants their design adapt as follows:

Anatomical Design

These pants have a cut adapted to the sitting position. The back is higher and the front lower, preventing part of the back from expose when sitting down. The back also adapts perfectly to the position, which guarantees comfort.

Adapted Aesthetics

In the adapted trousers, the leg is longer than usual, so the trousers are not short in the sitting position.

Easy and Comfortable Closures

The zippers on these pants are extra long for easy closure.

Flat Seams and Wider Elastics

Flat, open seams prevent chafing. The elastic waist reduces friction and allows the user to be more comfortable. Some pants have elastic around the waist and others only on the sides.


Adapted clothing always seeks comfort. The pants for people in wheelchairs incorporate accessible pockets in the front, freeing the pants’ back from seams and rivets.

Online Stores

There are several online stores anywhere you can look at their adapted clothing. Always choose the adaptations you need and with which you will feel comfortable.

  • Marlo.Es
  • Gmk.Es
  • Maxvida.Com
  • Belibe.Es
  • Personaswip.Com
  • Textile and Adapted Clothing

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