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Campbell & Sons Funeral Home, inc./ Formerly Sidney A. Jones est. 1936 Obituaries

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About “campbell & sons funeral home, inc./ formerly sidney a. jones est. 1936 obituaries”: Established in 1936 and steeped in tradition, Campbell & Sons Funeral Home, formerly known as Sidney A. Jones, is a time-honored, esteemed establishment located in the heart of Savannah, Georgia. Exuding a profound respect for the delicate act of farewelling loved ones, this funeral home provides a wide range of personalize services tailored to honor and celebrate the unique lives of the departed. The professional team at Campbell & Sons is well versed in traditional, cremation, and pre-planning services, extending compassionate and comprehensive assistance to bereaved families during their time of need. With a notable legacy and rich history, this funeral home continues to serve Savannah’s community, upholding its deeply-rooted commitment to dignity, attention to detail, and personal care in end-of-life services.

A Focus On Family Tradition: The Unique Journey of Campbell and Sons Funeral Home

The story of Campbell and Sons Funeral Home unfolds, marked by a deep commitment to service and community. This venerable institution, rooted in history and driven by a family’s passion, recently garnered the prestigious 2023 Best of Georgia Regional Award, a significant recognition in the world of regional businesses.

Campbell and Sons Funeral Home began its journey in 1936, established by Sidney A. Jones Sr., an entrepreneur with a deep-seated passion for the funeral industry. The business faced early challenges, including a relocation due to the Urban Renewal Act, moving from its original site to the historic district at 124 W. Park Avenue. The legacy of the founder was admirably carried forward by his wife, Carolyn B. Jones, and acquired by David L. Campbell Sr. after her retirement.

David L. Campbell Sr. took over the reins in 2006, having been groomed for the role by Carolyn B. Jones herself. Under his stewardship, the funeral home has continued to embody the ethos of an “Institution with a Soul.” The family-operated business includes not only Mr. Campbell and his wife, Dorothy, but also their children and a team of dedicated professionals, all contributing to their reputation for compassionate service.

About Campbell & Sons Funeral Home

Campbell & Sons offers standard services such as funeral ceremonies, memorial services, burials, and cremation. Aside from traditional funeral ceremonies, they are willing to accommodate unique ceremony requests and will do their best to honor the traditions involved with any culture or religion.

Their memorial services are similar to funerals, and they can be held shortly after death or weeks later – with or without an vase present. They allow you to choose from having the service either at the funeral home, your loved one’s final resting place, or at your home.

campbell sons funeral home, inc._ formerly sidney a. jones est. 1936 obituaries

Campbell & Sons has several burial options available. You can opt for immediate burial without a public service, visitation, viewing, or wake (open or closed casket), or graveside service in a cemetery.

They also offer complimentary online memorials for their customers that can be share with family and friends. On the website, you can upload photographs, and visitors can post messages and upload their photos as well. The funeral home also offers tribute videos, funeral fund donations, and the ability to order flowers on their website.


Prices were accurate at the time of publishing, but are subject to change. Ask your funeral home for the General Price List for the most up-to-date pricing.

  • $2,195*
  • $2,885*
  • $7,640*
  • This is the national average.


  • Embalming and preparation of the bodyis offered.
  • Cremation serviceis offered.
  • Burial serviceis offered.
  • Direct Cremationis offered.
  • Pre-planningis offered.
  • Sale of casket, keepsakes, or other objectsis offered.
  • Veteran-specific servicesis offered.
  • Pet servicesis NOT offered
  • Graveside servicesis offered.
  • Live streamingis NOT offered
  • Video tributesis NOT offered
  • Green burials

Everything Offered by Campbell & Sons Funeral Home

The 2023 Best of Georgia Regional Award, for which Campbell and Sons Funeral Home was chosen, is a testament to their outstanding service and commitment to their community. This accolade, determined by customer votes, underscores the funeral home’s deep connection with the people it serves. It is an affirmation of the trust and respect the Campbell family has earned over decades.

Campbell and Sons Funeral Home’s services are a blend of traditional values and modern sensibilities, catering to a various range of needs and preferences. They offer a diversity of services, including traditional funerals, cremations, and memorial services, each tailored to reflect the unique life of the individual being honored. Their approach to funeral service goes beyond logistics; they provide a comforting presence and support during some of life’s most challenging moments.

This award, facilitated by, shines a light on regional businesses that demonstrate excellence in their field. For Campbell and Sons Funeral Home, it’s a recognition of their enduring commitment to quality service and the impactful role they play in the Savannah community.


On Campbell & Sons’ website, you can view each of the many caskets, burial enclosures, and cremation urns that are available to choose from. While the prices are not list on the website, you’ll see pictures and a description of each product.

If you have family and friends staying in the area from out of town for the services, there’s no shortage of activities in Savannah. The area is packed to the brim with historic sites, gorgeous architecture, dining, shopping, and true southern hospitality. Many visitors like to start with a tour of the Old Town Trolley Tours in the historic district.

As you might imagine, there are tons of options for lodgings in the area as well. Visitors can take their pick of luxurious, beautiful high-end hotels, or plenty of other affordable options.

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