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Bedroom Makeup Vanity Ideas to Achieve a Beautiful Bedroom

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Bedroom Makeup Vanity ideas: Whether in the rest area, bedroom or the dressing room -the lucky ones-the dressing table is that corner that brings charm and makes more than one sigh. A space to do your makeup, comb your hair, put on your jewelry and take a last look. We want you to know what you need in your bedroom, even in a mini version, and give you other ideas for a feminine and original space.

The Essential Pieces to Create a Bedroom Makeup Vanity Ideas Area

It would help if you had a table to lean on. Ideally, it shouldn’t be too heavyweight or bulky. That is why the support is usually solves with a console of reduced depth (30-35 cm) or a desk (up to 40-50 cm). If it has drawers – like the model chosen by decorator Natalia Zubizarreta in this bedroom – it will help you organize what you need. If you don’t have one, consider putting pretty boxes on the lid.

The other fundamental piece is a mirror. It can be a wall-mounted design or a stand resting on the table, called vanity mirrors. It all rests on what you are going to use it for and whether you like having a mirror in the bedroom or not. Feng shui, for example, advises that there should be no mirrors in front of the bed that reflect you while you sleep.

Bedroom Makeup Vanity ideas to create more attractive with Chair, armchair, stool or bench?

With bedroom makeup vanity ideas, you should always incorporate a seat in different formats next to the dressing table. Indeed the space you have will help you choose. If you don’t plan to sit too long at the dressing table, a stool, ottoman, or bench is enough. The window they made folds “under” the table because they have no backing. Chairs and armchairs take up more space but are more comfortable because the backrest moves backwards. A padded velvet seat will add a touch of glamour to any vanity nook.

With Bedroom Makeup Vanity ideas, the most suitable location for vanity

The closer the vanity is to the window, the more pleasant and natural the light will be when you do your makeup. Therefore, the bedroom makeup vanity idea is that the dressing table is perpendicular to the entrance of light. If you have no choice, you can also place it facing the window, although the light can dazzle or bother you, so you must have a blind that filters the light. And it is always advisable to install light points on the sides of the mirror or have a table, floor or wall lamp (pay attention to the nearest plug)

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Makeup tables or makeup desks have been around forever (well, at least a long time). Since ancient times, ornate boxes have been designed to hold various beautification essentials, including cosmetic jars, rare perfume bottles, tools for applying makeup, and mirrors to ensure that eyebrows are perfect.


With our above bedroom makeup vanity ideas, you can make your bedroom more beautiful. Traditionally, makeup was not a necessity in life. Instead, for centuries, exotic makeup, perfumes, and oils were luxuries enjoyed by nobility and royalty.

However, makeup has become a staple worldwide for many women (and men, too). And then you can bet your bottom dollar that makeup vanity isn’t going away soon.

Like clothes in an unorganized closet, your glam room (where you usually do your hair and makeup at home) can start to look and feel pretty cluttered if it’s not well organized.

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