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Marathi Make-Up – As explained in our article on different bridal looks, Marathi bridal makeup is as true to the herbal form as possible. It highlights its herbal beauty and divine radiance of it. Here we break it down, piece by piece.

These are the Different Components of Maharashtrian Bridal Makeup:

Expressive Eyes

The base is a play of soft tones with a touch of light that gives the bridal angels a warm look while the eyes count. A. History. Flashes of gold and copper colors are chosen from the Los Angeles eyeshadow palette, and then lighter shades of l are used. A. Same family to define the inner corners of the eye and the arch of the eyebrow angels. All mixed to it. A. Perfection for a flawless, effortless look. A thick line of dark kohl eyeliner is then used along the waterline and lash line to highlight the natural eye shape. The final touch is added with layers of mascara for a perfect flutter.

Pink and Hydrated Lips

To top off, the Marathi bridal makeup is the perfect lip color. Subtle shades of red and coral are preferred options. Apply a generous amount to freshly hydrated lips, add a layer of loose powder, and blot away any excess. This trick also ensures that the lip color lasts longer and doesn’t smudge over time.

Natural Blush

Choose a shade from the same family as the lip color for a natural-looking blush. Apply to the apples of your cheeks to complete your beautiful bridal look.

The Crescent Bindi

Marathi Make-Up

No Marathi bridal makeup look is complete without the traditional crescent-shaped bindi that is the united states of America in l. A. Front over a smaller, easy bindi. The red family symbolizes prosperity in the worship of Goddess Parvati. The tones are usually of l. A.

Royal Maharashtrian Bridal Makeup

Maharashtrian makeup is comparatively different from the rest of the Indian bridal makeup. His wedding outfits reflect his complete simplicity and elegance of him. A. That her natural beauty speaks for itself. The unique traditional draping of the Nauvari saree, the green bangles, the Mundavalya, the Crescent Bindi just between the eyebrows, the typical Marathi Nath, and the bold black Kajal make them stand out more. Check out this Marathi mulgi and see how gracefully they pull off their Royal Maharashtrian makeup looks!

Nauvari Royal Maharashtrian Simple Bridal Makeup Look

This Royal Maharashtrian bridal look is perfect for wives who need to look stylish and timeless on their wedding day. Clever, neutral makeup is very flattering and suits all skin qualities. The orange then red Nauvari saree is also an excellent option for brides who want to stay connected to the Marathi culture while looking phenomenal on their wedding day.

The makeup artist has done a fantastic job of adding contrast to the entire look. This easy and elegant makeup with a touch of red lip tint and round red bindi enhances the whole look. Those red flowers on the bun add an extra touch to this Marathi Mulgi.

While playing with the pallu, her mesmerizing smile speaks volumes about how she loved her bridal look. It is something that takes our heart!

Royal Maharashtrian Winged Pithani Classic Bridal Makeup Look

Look at this stunning bride from Maharashtra! We get you wet, and you can’t take your eyes off her beauty, can you? The makeup is on point, amazingly blended, and the shade contrast is phenomenal—the shimmery gold eyeshadow in Los Angeles half indoors and the red in it. A. Corner outdoors adds quite a bit of depth to the eyes. We cannot but commend its beautiful winged coating, like greater cherries in the dessert.

The black kohl further accentuates her large almond-shaped eyes. The perfect red-orange lips, the tiny rhinestone on the crescent bindi, Nath, Mundavalya on the angel’s head, and Nauvari saree make her the ideal Maharashtra bride.

Her hair gajra contrasts perfectly with her pearl jewelry. Her heart would have skipped once as she looked at this smile.

Royal Maharashtrian Winged Pithani Classic Bridal Makeup Look

This traditional green saree with a red edge shows a sight of the Peshwai brides. The typical gold eyeshadow on the inner corner and brown on the outer corner add definition to the eyes. The gold jewelry perfectly matches the whole appearance.

It also ditches the crescent bindi with a round bindi that looks extravagant. The Mondavi looks like a crown on his head.

No Makeup like Royal Maharashtrian Bridal Makeup

This bride looks like she has hardly put anything on her face. Her face resembles her skin with a pink stain on her lips and Kajal in her eyes. She doesn’t need much; her smiling face makes angels magic. The makeup artist has created a one-piece base that doesn’t look like makeup. She left the Mundavalya with the ‘Mang Tikka,’ which looks fantastic on her heart-shaped face.

Also, look at her dazzling Kamar sash and how easily she blends with the bright green saree. This bright red and green contrast is everything for the entire bridal attire.

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