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Denim Shirt: A Basic for the Whole Year

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The denim shirt, which I forgot in the closets a while ago, is a garment with many combinations to wear with numerous styles.

Usually, this type of shirt should be light in color during the summer and dark during the winter, although it is only a suggestion since it remembers that one can always break the rules in fashion.

Denim shirts can be combined in a thousand and one ways with sweaters during the winter and even with jeans.

How to Match a Denim Shirt?

Denim shirts are those garments that never go out of style among men and women when opting for a casual style. In this article, we have prepared a small guide for you to learn how to combine a denim shirt.

You can take advantage of that shirt you have at the bottom of your wardrobe in a thousand ways to create the best outfits and set trends!

How to Combine a Denim Shirt for Men?

Although the times of men on horseback are long gone, a denim shirt never goes out of style and can always be an excellent option for a casual, formal look to wear daily.

If you don’t have an image consultant, don’t worry because here we give you the best fashion tips to combine a men’s denim shirt:

4 Looks To Succeed

Denim Shirt

Con Jeans

The most basic option is to wear the men’s denim shirt with jeans or denim pants. You can complement your outfit with moccasin-type shoes with cowboy or lumberjack boots. In this way, you will wear a comfortable, attractive, and versatile look.

Con Blazers

For lovers of formal casual, denim shirts are perfect to wear with blazers or jackets, an essential garment in every male wardrobe. Here you will have the opportunity to combine different textures and colors for the different looks of the day: a work meeting, a family meal, or a social event.

Chinese Pants

Chino pants are the evolution of jeans, designed to be a much more formal garment and comfortable. A denim shirt can perfectly combine with khaki, brown, beige, or navy blue chinos. This combination will give you a casual and original touch.

Style Open Shirt

An open denim shirt, a t-shirt, and a black leather jacket are the perfect look. Combine it with leather biker boots, and you will succeed even more.

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