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Creative Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

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Decorate a Pumpkin – Autumn has arrived, and Halloween is approx, so the time has come to advise you on the best decoration for this season: decorate with pumpkins!

The decoration with pumpkins is not only a custom for Halloween; we can add pumpkins to our decoration at any other time of the year to be part of a composition as a centerpiece, for example. The critical thing to adapt to each time of the year is the color we use or the reasons we combine them.

Ways to Decorate a Pumpkins

Decorate with Pumpkins on the Stairs

This time, we will lace them on the stairs for all those who have a small or large staircase in their home and decorate the beginning.

We haha, so get some pumpkins, as many as you want. Remember that sometimes a simple decoration is better; less is more, especially if our apartment is not very large; added To the pumpkin’s willed paint, a small headlamp, and a box cutter or something sharp.

With a clever,  we will make an excellent composition to place on the ladder’s steps. This option is ideal, especially for those who like headlights and dim lights.

Pumpkin Decorated with Humbtacks

Paint the pumpkins in colors, and then, with thumbtacks, make compositions of exciting drawings and lines, such as a zigzag, arrow, or a series of lines that divide your pumpkin into segments.

Pumpkins Decorated with Crochet

Do you know how to crochet doilies? You can use them to cover part of the pumpkin with glue like hot glue. To get different colors and contrasts, you can also paint your pumpkin first.

Constellations in a Pumpkin

What if you make a pumpkin in your universe? Paint it a dark blue, almost black, and then add white dots as if they were stars. Finally, highlight a constellation you like, giving it lighter and joining the critical points with fine white lines. You can also use bright colors similar to gold or silver to give more intensity to the scene.

Pumpkin Owl

A pumpkin for the head and another for the body, plus some details like eye buttons or wing leaves, are the necessary elements to make this funny pumpkin owl.

Pumpkins Decorated with Cross Stitch

Can there be anything more original than cross-stitching a pumpkin? Remember to empty it well beforehand and dry it so it will be much easier to pass the thread carefully without breaking the bark.

Pumpkins with Sunflowers

Sunflowers and pumpkins are two beautiful autumn details that combine perfectly. Use the pumpkins as if they were vases and make beautiful bouquets like the ones you see in the picture.

Classic Halloween Dungeons

How? what have you never done a typical Halloween pumpkin? Well, this year does not happen! It’s a classic that you have to do at least once in your life.

Colorful Pumpkins

Decorate a Pumpkins

At all times of the year, until now, especially in summer, we can unleash the brightest colors: blues, pinks, yellows, greens, and golds!

Pumpkins with Lace

Have you ever seen a fancier pumpkin? Black and white and lace are ideal for decorating distinguished pumpkins.

Decoupage Pumpkins

Do you know the decoupage technique? Well, it turns out that you can also apply it perfectly to the decoration of pumpkins.

Sugar Pumpkins

Yes, as you hear it, sugar! Coat your pumpkin in a glue stick, then fill it with sugar. You’ll see what a sweet effect.

Glitter Pumpkins

Paint a pumpkin one color, then cover a part with masking tape, leaving the line clear. Finally, dip one side in glitter with glue. You will see how beautiful!

Jewel Pumpkins

Tacks, colored pins, and other accessories like gold, silver, white and black paint combine perfectly!

Pumpkins with Carved Branches

With the support of a cutter or a knife, you can carve your pumpkin by making drawings; in this case, they have opted for a simple branched tree.

Pumpkin Shaped Puffs

They are not real pumpkins this time, but they are pretty and comfortable! You can have them throughout the year in your living room to throw yourself on them, put your feet up or be able to invite a lot of friends.