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What is a Sun Lounger?

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Sun Lounger: A deckchair is a type of folding chair initially designed for use on the deck of a ship. Today loungers can find in all sorts of places, including landlocked hotels, but they continue to use for the same purpose as their nautical ancestors: lounging. The lounger’s design intends to be incredibly comfortable, allowing the caregiver to spend many hours sitting on the lounger.

Because deckchairs initially design for ships, they typically made from solid and durable materials that could withstand salt spray and wind. Teak was the classic wood of choice for traditional sun loungers, and the seats typically make of sturdy canvas. Modern loungers can be made of teak or other wood but can also make metal and plastic; Canvas remains the material of choice for seating as it can withstand weight and weather, should the lounger be left outdoors.

The collapsible design makes a lounger very easy to move and store, which can be extremely useful when limited space. Early versions of the lounger only unfolded in one position, usually with the backrest tilted to promote relaxation. Modern loungers are often adjustable and may include features like footrests to make them exceptionally comfortable, along with extra pillows to soften the back of the lounger.

Which Lounger to Choose?

Choose your lounger based on the Desired Use

In summer, nothing is more pleasant than relaxing on a deckchair, under the sun, or in the shade of a parasol. There is a wide range of loungers. Made for outdoor use, the lounger is ideal for enjoying the sun or taking a nap. We recommend a lounger with an adjustable backrest or headrest for optimal comfort. For reading moments, do not forget to protect your neck and back.

To sunbathe near the pool, opt for a waterproof seat in case of splashes. The fabric must not retain water. A Texaline coating dries almost instantly and is perfect for tossing and turning in the water.

We recommend a model with wheels to protect you from UV rays throughout the day. Whatever its weight, you can quickly move it. Otherwise, you can opt for a deckchair with feet on a terrace or under a porch. For a small space like a balcony, you prefer a folding and transportable deckchair, easy to tidy up at the end of the day.

The Different Types of Loungers

Sun Lounger

The loungers are available in various models. The flat lounger resembles a horizontal mattress with a reclining backrest. The S-shaped model follows the body’s shape by slightly raising the legs at the knees. The multi-position lounger allows you to sit or lie down as you wish.

 The Different Sun Lounger Materials

The Wooden/Teak Lounger

The teak deckchair creates a natural, sober, elegant style that fits perfectly in a garden. But be careful; there are several types of wood, and they cannot withstand prolonged outdoor exposure. Acacia, eucalyptus, or exotic woods can fight it. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure a long life for your furniture and preserve its color. A wooden structure must be varnished or oiled once a year.

The Aluminum Lounger

This epoxy-treated material offers many advantages. Thanks to its lightweight, it moves quickly. As for the aesthetic aspect, the modern white, gray or black aluminum combines perfectly with the warm and bright colors. It guarantees good resistance to ultraviolet rays or rain and is easy to clean. It can remain outdoors throughout the year. To wash it, soap and water are enough.

The Braided Resin Lounger

Very elegant, the synthetic resin is resistant to inclement weather. Its color remains bright, even after prolonged exposure to the sun. The resin loungers ensure comfort and solidity.

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