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Terms and Conditions.

Nova Track Order – On our site, you can use our software to visit, compare and purchase, if you wish, the products displayed on www. nova skin. Cl. We recommend that you read these terms and conditions carefully.

These Terms and Conditions will be applied and understood to be incorporated in all purchases with NovaSkin SpA through the marketing systems included on this website. The use of this website and the application of these Terms and Conditions will be subject to national legislation, mainly to Law No. 19,496, which establishes regulations on the protection of consumer rights without renouncing the rights and actions granted these laws.

Consequently, you will have all the rights recognized by Chilean law and, in addition, those granted by these terms and conditions. You can also access, on this same site, hyperlinks and social networks such as; “Blog,” “Facebook,” “Instagram,” and others, whose purpose is to facilitate access and increase the benefits of using the site, which may vary periodically, without affecting, in any case, rights acquired by consumers.

1.- Purchase Process.

The purchase process through our website is an obligation to register primary data such as your RUT in the case of legal entities, address, commune, region, contact telephone number, and email. The client’s registration means knowing and accepting the terms and conditions of the sale and not knowing the information provided.

2.- Freedom to Browse and Compare Products and Services

The mere visit to this site does not impose any obligation unless you have expressed it unequivocally. Through positive acts, your desire to acquire specific goods or services, in the manner indicated in these Terms and Conditions.

3.- How to Buy

To make purchases or on this site, you must follow the following steps, typing a “click” in the respective field:

a) Select the products and add them to the “shopping cart.”

b) You can go to your shopping cart by clicking on the coach in the screen’s upper right corner.

c) Once in the shopping cart, check that your product, quantity, and amount to pay are correct. Once confirmed, enter your data for the office and ticket.

d) You must accept the Terms and Conditions to continue your purchase.

e) Select one of the payment methods available on the site; they can be electronic payment (credit or debit cards) Service provided by TRANSBANK or through a direct electronic transfer to our checking account at Banco de Chile.

f) Once the payment is authorized by the bank, a description of the product or service, its price, the means of payment, the total value of the operation, and the other conditions of your order will be displayed on your screen, which you can print and store; and a unique order number. We will send this information through email to the electronic address you have indicated.

g) Your order will automatically go through a confirmation and shipping process.

h) Once the previous condition has been successfully met, the payment method will be charged, the purchase receipt will be sent to your email, and the product will be shipped along with your receipt.

4.-Means of Payment

The products reported on this site can only be paid through:

a) Through the WebPay Plus system with Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club International, or American Express bank credit cards issued in Chile or abroad, as long as they maintain a valid contract.

Nova Track Order

b) Bank debit cards covered by the Redcompra® system, issued in Chile by national banks, which maintain a current contract for such purposes.

c) Payments with bank transfer or deposit, the system will send you the company data when you choose the payment method “Transfer or Deposit.”

5.- Acceptance of the Contract Conditions with this Website

Any acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of this company will be subject to the commercial validation of the transaction. For these purposes, the existence of available stock, confirmation of the means of payment, and the possibility of sending the product according to the coverage of our shipping company will be verified. Once all the validations have been carried out, the ticket or invoice issuance begins, and the dispatch programming begins.

6.- Dispatch of the Products

The products purchased through the site will be subject to the dispatch and delivery conditions chosen by the user and available on the site. The user’s sole responsibility is both the place of shipment and the payment method. The terms for the dispatch and delivery of the product are subject to stock availability by the company. The products can be dispatched independently if they are stored in different places. No shipments to post office boxes.

7.- Warranty

  1. Please pay attention to the following information to protect the legal rights of consumers
  2. Rights of the consumer if the product fails functionally and is not damaged by artificial factors during regular use of the intelligent rejuvenation instrument.
  • Product returns from regions
  1. The product is out of our company’s free warranty scope when one of the following situations occurs.

8.- Promotions

The promotions offered on this site will not necessarily be the same as those provided by other NovaSkin sales channels. Participating in these promotions will not be possible without jointly acquiring all the products. In advertisements that consist of free delivery or a reduction in the value of a product, the dispatch of the good that deliver free of charge or at a reduced price will make in the same place to which the purchased product dispatch unless you request when accepting the promotion or offer, that the products  send to different addresses, in which case you must pay the value of the dispatch of both products.

9.- Scope of the Prices Reported on this Site

NovaSkin SpA will not modify the conditions it has contracted with consumers on this site. While they appear on this site. The reported prices will be available to you, even if they are not the same as those offered in other NovaSkin sales channels, such as physical stores, catalogs, television, radio, or others.

Any change in the information published on this site, including those referring to merchandise, services, prices, stocks and conditions, promotions. And offers, will take place before receiving a purchase order and will only refer to future operations, without affecting in case some, rights acquired by consumers.

10.-Right of Withdrawal.

The contract entered into through the purchase order generated by the user from the website and the acceptance thereof by the NovaSkin company establishes that the consumer may not unilaterally terminate the contracts entered into unless in a specific offer this possibility expressly contemplate. Furthermore, once the product payment make. The buyer waives his right of resolutory action of this contract.

11.- Satisfaction Guarantee

  • The equipment marketed by Novaskin manufacture and developed by TIME LAB, an international company dedicated to manufacturing beauty equipment for home use.
  • The results of the NANO SKIN-L, NANO SKIN-C, NANO SKIN-E, NANO SKIN-U, and EYE MAGIC equipment support by direct tests with clients and clinical studies. Which are available on our website clinical tests section.

12.- Intellectual Property

All gratifies included on this site, such as text, artwork, logos, button icons, source codes, images, audio clips, digital downloads, and data compilations, are the property of NovaSkin SpA or its content providers and protect by Chilean laws on intellectual property. All other trademarks not owned by NovaSkin SpA and on this site belong to their respective owners. Such trademarks, creations, and trade dress may not use in connection with any product or service that is likely to confuse customers. And in any manner that disparages or discredits NovaSkin SpA.

13.- Civil Liability.

The company NovaSkin SpA or any of its affiliates are not responsible for the damages that may result from the misuse of any of our products. Or from ignoring the contraindications that the manufacturer describes in the user manual. Nor does it acquire responsibility for accidents caused by improper use of the product with or without intention. Likewise, it is not responsible for the results of the treatments based on unrealistic expectations of the same.

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