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https://we . tl/t-vqhyggmaez: Often the easiest way to share files with other people is online. But what about when you’re trying to send something larger than the maximum email attachment size? That’s where WeTransfer comes in.

Here’s everything you need to know about the file sharing platform and how to use it.

What Is WeTransfer?

WeTransfer(https://we . tl/t-vqhyggmaez) is a cloud-based content-sharing platform ideal for sharing large files. File sharing is an essential service today. Emails are handy for smaller files, and cloud storage like Google or iCloud works well for sharing high-quality photos, documents, or videos. However, over time, these storage options run out of space and require constant clean-up.

Key Takeaways:

WeTransfer is an incredibly easy-to-use file transfer service that lets you send files up to 2GB on the free version and up to 20GB on its paid version, called WeTransfer Pro.

  • This step-by-step guide will show you everything you need to do in order to successfully use WeTransfer.
  • By following these instructions, you will learn how to send large files for free using WeTransfer.
  • Please note that this was done using the free service, without setting up a free account or subscribing to WeTransfer’s paid plan — WeTransfer Pro — but the process is the same either way.

How Does WeTransfer Work?

WeTransfer allows you to securely share files online without the need to create an account. You can use this service to make a one-time file transfer without worrying about adding someone to your contact list. You can also set an expiration date for these files so that they are automatically deleted. This feature also ensures that your storage space is regularly freed.

How to Use WeTransfer (Free): Step-by-Step Guide

Since it is a free-mium service, you don’t need to make a WeTransfer account in order to start using it. You can do both upload and send files as well as collect and download them without signing up for this cloud service. And now — on to the guide itself.


How Do I Transfer Files Using WeTransfer?

Thanks to its boundless interface, transferring files with WeTransfer is incredibly easy to use.

Upload Your File

Since you don’t need to sign up, you can just go to the home page and start the transfer process. On the left-hand side of the home page, there is an option to add files. You can drag and drop your file right into the browser to upload.

Enter the Recipients Address and Send Your File

Next, enter the recipient’s email address, your email address and an noncompulsory message. As soon as the folder gets uploaded, you can send it to the recipient.

Send a Download Link

Alternatively, you can get a download link from WeTransfer. Simply click on the three dots icon, and you’ll see the option to get a transfer link.

Enter Your WeTransfer Code

Before sending your files, WeTransfer first needs to verify your email address. You will receive a six digit code through email that you need to enter. This code is active for 60 minutes. However, if you don’t manage to input it in time, you can always request a new code. Of course, if you create a WeTransfer account, you will be talented to skip this step.

You’ll receive two emails after sending data through WeTransfer via the email option. The first email message includes a confirmation that your file transfer has been sent, and the second one comes when the receiver downloads the submitted file. The files are available for download for seven days before being permanently deleted.

With the file link option, there are no visibility features available. However, if someone has the link, they can download and access your file — and you’ll be none the wiser. The only way out is to password-protect the file (which you can only do with WeTransfer Pro).

Downloading Files From WeTransfer (https://we . tl/t-vqhyggmaez)

You can obtain a file from WeTransfer either through email or by using a download link. In both cases, you’ll be redirected to WeTransfer’s recipient page, which sports a big “download” button. All you have to do is clack that button, and you’ll begin downloading the file. There’s nothing else to do.

The file download link is lively for seven days by default. However, if the user in question has a WeTransfer Pro account, they can customize a custom time limit or even choose to have the files available indefinitely without being deleted.

In any case, you’ll see the file’s deletion date on the download page. WeTransfer claims that data gets deleted from the companys servers on the file’s expiration date, and there is absolutely no way you can retrieve such files.

Final Thoughts: Using WeTransfer

WeTransfer’s simplicity is undeniably its biggest strength. In just a few relaxed steps, even people who do not have much tech experience can quickly figure out how to use it to share PDF files and other types of media. We hope that this step by step guide has demonstrated just how simple it is to use WeTransfer(https://we . tl/t-vqhyggmaez).

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