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Everything About “chrome //flags/#enable-parallel-downloading enable”

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About “chrome //flags/#enable-parallel-downloading enable”: Parallel downloading provides faster download speeds when compared to traditional methods. In traditional downloading, a single thread/connection is used to fetch files from the internet. Parallel downloading, on the other hand, divides a large file into several parts and concurrently downloads these segments/threads using multiple server connections.

Here’s how you can enable parallel downloading in different browsers for faster downloads. We also explore a few dedicated download managers with parallel downloading so you can download faster independent of any browser.

How to enable Parallel Downloading in Chrome

Google Chrome lets you enable parallel downloading as an experimental feature using Chrome://flags command. Here’s how you can use parallel downloading in Chrome:


  • Open Chrome and type Chrome://flags in the address bar and hit enter.
  • Now, in the experimental features search box, search for parallel downloading.
  • In the drop-down menu, select Enable.
  • Hit the Re-launch button at the bottom to enable parallel downloading.

Parallel downloading is now enabled in the Chrome desktop browser.

On Android

  • Open Chrome and type Chrome://flags in the search bar and press enter.
  • Search for parallel downloading in the search box.
  • Choose Enable in the parallel downloading drop-down menu.
  • After enabling, hit the Relaunch button at the bottom to enable parallel downloading.

You can always disable Parallel Downloading by choosing the Disable option in the drop-down menu. That said, if you want to reset all the experiments (if you have enabled more), you can do so by clicking on the Reset all button in the Chrome://flags menu.

Advantages of Parallel Downloading

  1. One of the main advantages of parallel downloading is it significantly improves download speeds for large downloads by dividing the file into several parts and downloading them simultaneously using multiple sources or server connections. While this technique may not be as useful when downloading smaller files, larger files benefit significantly from it.
  2. Parallel downloading significantly reduces the chances of download failure by making efficient usage of your allowed internet bandwidth so the file downloads as quickly as possible.
  3. Parallel downloading is especially useful when you have a slow internet connection.
  4. Less chance of file corruption.

Disadvantages of Parallel Downloading

  1. While most websites allow parallel downloading, some host servers may block this or limit the number of concurrent connections each download instance can have to conserve bandwidth. In this case, files may download at normal speeds.
  2. Since parallel downloading makes maximum usage of your internet bandwidth to offer faster downloads, other apps on your PC or your Android device that depend on this shared bandwidth may run slowly.
  3. Parallel downloading may heat up your devices, especially mobile phones, due to higher download speeds.
  4. Parallel downloading also consumes more data compared to normal download methods. But, it should be noted that the amount of data consumed is negligible.
  5. As said above, smaller files may not benefit significantly from the parallel downloading technique.

While there are some drawbacks to parallel downloading, we highly recommend trying this download technique in your preferred browser if you’re looking to increase the download speeds.

Best third-party download managers with Parallel Downloading

Internet Download Manager (IDM)

IDM is one of the best third-party download managers for Windows. It utilizes the parallel downloading optimization technique to achieve faster download speeds. Apart from that, this versatile download manager is great at smoothly handling any download failures, network issues, unexpected PC shutdowns, etc. The only downside to this excellent piece of software is that it is only available as a paid option. However, there is a 30-day free trial to see if it’s really worth the price.


1DM is a feature-packed and one of the best download managers on Android. It not only allows you to download faster using parallel downloading but also lets you increase or decrease the number of parallel connections (up to 16 parts) for a file. It also has a built-in browser with an ad-blocker. 1DM can easily download images and videos from social media sites as well. 1DM is also available as a paid option which unlocks more features.


ADM is yet another feature-packed alternative to 1DM. It works similarly to 1DM and can speed up downloads by using up to 16 threads simultaneously. Its modern design inspired by Google’s Material You is what sets it apart from 1DM.


1. What is Parallel Downloading?

Most browsers typically use a single thread/connection to download files from the server. While this technique works efficiently for smaller files, for large files, this can lead to slow download speeds. This is where parallel downloading can make a difference. The technique splits a large file into smaller parts and downloads them simultaneously using multiple server connections, offering significantly increased download speeds.

2. Does Parallel Downloading work on all websites?

Most websites should work fine with parallel downloading. However, some websites restrict the number of concurrent connections a single IP (Internet protocol) address can have for a download instance to save bandwidth costs and server load.

3. Does Parallel Downloading consume more data?

Yes, parallel downloading does consume more data compared to single-threaded download techniques. However, the extra data consumed should be negligible.

4. Does Parallel Downloading slow down your device?

Yes, if the device is not powerful enough, it should cause minor heating and performance issues. The heating issue is caused because of the increased processing required for higher download speeds. But as soon as the download finishes, things should get back to normal.

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